Introduction: How to Distress a T-shirt

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I will be teaching you how to turn any regular t-shirt into that designer distressed t-shirt that your pockets cannot afford.

Step 1: Get Your Supplies

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To distress a shirt you will need 4 things. The shirt you want to distress, scissors, a rock, and a corner of some sort of furniture. For instance a desk or countertop.

Step 2: Lay the Shirt Flat

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Find whatever surface you want to use and lay the shirt flat on the surface. Spread out all wrinkles and creases.

Step 3: Cut the Bottom of the Shirt

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Right above the stitching, cut all the way across the t shirt until the bottom part of the t-shirt is removed.

Step 4: Cut the Sleeves

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Just as before, cut right above the sow line. Cut the bottom part of the entire sleeves all the way off.

Step 5: Cut the Collar

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Be very careful to cut just below the stitching. Cut all the way around the collar of the shirt until the stitching and the collar are gone.

Step 6: Customize

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You can cut and rip anywhere you want to give your own style to your shirt but this is how I customize mine. Find a spot on the bottom trim of the shirt that you want to fray. Then fold at that spot and make sure its even. Then make 3 to 4 cuts going from longest to shortest at the bottom of shirt. Once finished, unfold and give it a little pull. Do as many times as desired.

Step 7: Utilize Your Rock

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Now it's time to really give your shirt its distressed look. Take the shirt and open it back up and place on a hard and sturdy surface. Grab your rock and use the jagged edge of it to streak across the shirt. By pulling the cotton fibers in such a way it creates little tiny holes.

Step 8: Rock Part 2

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Use that same technique anywhere on the shirt. Most importantly create a lot of holes and scratches around the collar and upper chest area.

Step 9: Dry the Shirt

Now that you are done with the distress process, throw it in the dryer to finish the look. By doing this it makes every hole and incision you just made look professional and as if the shirt was made that way.

Step 10: Rock Your Masterpiece

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Now you are done with distressing the shirt its time to show it off. While this process was either free or very cheap, high end consignment shops and boutiques that are selling these shirts for 40 and 50 dollars. Distress Yourself!


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-09-20

Nice tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

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