How to Divert a Webpage-Cool


Introduction: How to Divert a Webpage-Cool

Use this trick to divert webpage address example...if you enter in the url, it immediately will divert to the metacafe or any website that you configured by following the video...try it yourself, and to your frens pc....or even in your office......

Thank you from deejay sonic........
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    hey its not allowing me to open "host" what do i open it with? (thats what its asking me)

    u r genius buddy


    This is easy to cheat: *use an other searchmachine *get the ip of and type them directly in the addressbar


    I've known about HOSTS for a very long time. It might trigger your anti-spyware to go "AAAARRRRGGGHHH SPYWARE ON YOUR COMPUTER", though.

    This is SO cool! I'm the (excuse for an) IT guy at several small businesses, and this would be a great way to drive the casual, on-the-clock surfers absolutely bonkers! Inasmuch as I use the hosts file for blocking the usual suspects, I can't BELIEVE I didn't think about this!

    Cool! Like a really cool trick, might try this out, nice job.