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Dividing is a skill of life. Ever since you learned it from school, you have been using it up to now.

But some people were never taught how to divide. This Instructable will teach you how to divide like how most people learned it in grade school, using "long division."
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Step 1: Things You'll Need

First of all, there are three different "methods" that I will being teaching to you. To learn all the methods you will need a pencil and lots of paper. You may also want a calculator to double-check your answer.

Step 2: Simple Division

Picture of Simple Division

The simplest method is simple division. Your answer will come out as a whole number.

1) Setup the division problem. (84 / 7)
2) Divide 8 by 7 to get 1. Place this on top of the 8 and the division sign.
3) Multiply 1 and 7 to get 7. Place this under the 8.
4) Subtract 7 from 8 to get 1.
5) Carry down the 4.
6) Divide 14 by 7 to get 2. Place this on top of the 4 and the division sign.
7) Multiply 2 by 7 to get 14.
8) Subtract 14 from 14 to get 0.

The answer is 12!

Step 3: Simple Division with Remainder

Picture of Simple Division with Remainder

This is the same as simple division except we add in the remainder.

1) Setup the division problem. (10 / 3)
2) Divide 10 and 3 to get 3. Place this on top the 0 and the division sign.
3) Multiply 3 by 3 to get 9. Place this under the 10.
4) Subtract 9 from 10 to get 1. That is the remainder.

The answer is 3 r 1!

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dkraja14 days ago
1100000 Divided By 6250
DonH322 days ago


mnmsmum3 months ago
My thoughts exactly.
jing19943 years ago
LOL.... it take me a minutes before i got ".75.....

can you help me

krisjades5 months ago

oh.!! now i know how to divide now.. :) thanks for helping me.. :)

LindaS3 made it!6 months ago

so much for passing my math test

rysucksatmath6 months ago

so much 4 passing 8th grad so hard i faild a "simple" divison test i am now failing cant do math passing every thing eles

Sstroup146 months ago

I'm horrible I cant even do this lol

zoeG6 months ago

aww man, this is the same way they taught me at school and I still don't get it D: so much for passing the 5th grade, or getting any recess, my homework is 37 devision problems, and 10 more on the back

BeB16 months ago

thank you it helped

fkhokhar12 years ago
how to divide 3.0 and 4??????

3 goes into 4 one time 3 times 1 =3 minus for =1

so it is 1r1 or 1.33

this helping me so much cause I'm in 7th grade and I forgot how to divide so I'm really struggling in math

carz3 years ago
thank u i couldnt do it and now i can have my test friday let u know how i get on yhank u
tayia anne3 years ago
i dont understand step 4 with decimal
Thank you too who ever made this article.
I'm in 8th grade and i forgot how too divide once i got in a car accident . .
Well this has really helped me lots
nachos#13 years ago
lol in my problem the number outside the square thingy is larger than the number in the square thingy... 7 wouldn't fit into 8!
afigueroa43 years ago
Also I think you forgot to say (Or did I read over this?) what to do if the divisor is bigger than the first number of the dividend. Eg. 27 Divided by 9.
Syndikos3 years ago
With all due respect to the author, I think he/she has overlooked the fact that if you do not know how to divide, then even the answer of "1" in the simple step of
"8 divided by 7 = 1" is NOT self-explanatory. (Step 2, #4) That could be why people are googling "how to divide" in the first place, because the concept escapes them.

To simplify the expression of plain division into "layman's logic" (this assumes you know how to add, subtract, and multiply):
- For 8 divided by 7, place 8 inside the box, 7 outside
-Ask yourself: How many 7's can fit in an 8?
-OR ask: What number multiplied by 7 gets me the closest to 8, or equal to 8?
-The answer to both questions is 1. Then you can move on to the next steps :)

Now that we have that out, there is an alternative way to deal with the decimal example in Step 4 (Dividing with Decimals): (Hopefully this provide more clarity on how to arrive at the ".75")

1) Given the author's example in Step 4 (127 divided by 4),

2) Do as told, UNTIL you get to Step 8 where it states "Subtract 7 and 4 to get 3"

3) Now, instead of Step 9 where you create "3.0", just drop down a 0 so "3" becomes "30". Indicate this by adding the decimal after 31 just like in the original tutorial such that your quotient (the number on top of the bar) reads "31."

4) Continue long division, by asking yourself:
-I have 4 outside the box
-I have 30 inside the box
-What number multiplied by 4 equals a number that is closest to 30, or equal to 30? (Trial and error, or memorization) The answer is 7

5) 4 x 7 = 28. Place "7" after "31." so the quotient now reads "31.7"

6) 7 x 4 = 28, which I place under 30

7) 30 minus 28 = 2

8) 2 is less than 4 (your divisor), so again, drop a 0 (no need to add another decimal to indicate this after you've done it the first time)

9) Now you have 4 outside the box, and 20 inside

10) What number multiplied by 4 is closest to 20, or equal to 20?

11) 5, because 4 x 5 = 20!

12) You add "5" after "31.7" and have the answer: "31.75" :)

I've attached a sketch (only the last 3 or 4 steps are different) from the tutorial

Hope this helps!
127 divided by 4.jpg
ZeroXL914 years ago
Thanks, in 7th grade and forgot how to divide, but managed to skim through skool till' now, thanks again!
me tooo i forgot and i cant find out howw?!!!
Steamdnt6 years ago
Chuck Norris can divide by zero!
o also hoo no how 2 divide 8 into 40?
this didnt help me!can any1 pleez help a lil better cuz i still haz no idea!!!=P
Irisg.4 years ago
This helped a lot, gonna keep practicing all day on this website till my test tmrmw :) Lincoln tech here I come.
stoob5 years ago
oops 17.36 divided by 0.01 PLZ I NEED HELP
stoob5 years ago
i had a test to day and i was stuck on a question. it was 0,01 divide by 17.36 (Something like that) and im not sure if i what to do with the zeros like if i should do 001-173 or if i can just drop the zeros and do 1-1
trs42906 years ago
I have a question on the long divison with decimal when you divide the 3.0 and 4 to get 7.5 how exactly do you get the 7.5 im not to sure how to divide the 3.0 into the 4?
diciple trs42906 years ago
how do i divide 136 by 8.5
its 16
(removed by author or community request)
thanks, have a nice day :-)
it was very interesting. Now i know how to divide. Thanks a lot.
Sabrizzle5 years ago
Hey thanks a lot!! You really helped me out!!
honeybfli15 years ago
i dont understand step 4 the one with the decimal.
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