Step 2: Simple Division

Picture of Simple Division

The first method is simple division. Your answer will come out as a whole number.

1) Setup the division problem (84/7).
2) Divide 8 by 7 to get 1. Place this on top of the 8 and the division sign.
3) Multiply 1 and 7 to get 7. Place this under the 8.
4) Subtract 7 from 8 to get 1.
5) Carry down the 4.
6) Divide 14 by 7 to get 2. Place this on top of the 4 and the division sign.
7) Multiply 2 by 7 to get 14.
8) Subtract 14 from 14 to get 0.

The answer is 12!

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carz3 years ago
thank u i couldnt do it and now i can have my test friday let u know how i get on yhank u
nachos#13 years ago
lol in my problem the number outside the square thingy is larger than the number in the square thingy... 7 wouldn't fit into 8!
ZeroXL914 years ago
Thanks, in 7th grade and forgot how to divide, but managed to skim through skool till' now, thanks again!
Sabrizzle5 years ago
Hey thanks a lot!! You really helped me out!!
walkr6 years ago
in step 2 you say the numbers to divide and multiply by, but fail to point them out visually. when you say divide by or multiply by x and there is two of that number in the equation, i don't know which one you are referring too.