Last summer I discovered this awesome website selling cupake/gingerbread/ice cream shoes. I thought these ice cream shoes were lovely for summer, but I am not able to afford shoes for up to 400$ :-(. So I decided to try to DIY them. And see what happens. So ladys (and maybe gentlemen), join me on my journey to a pair of -hopefully- lovely strawberry-ice-cream-shoes.

Because this was a WIP, I had to adapt this instruction a little. This only affects the first foto with nearly all the materials shown. A few were added or left but I will mention this in the discription, so no worries. ;-)

Step 1: Material

The material you'll need:

1. One white pair of pumps
I chose a comfortable pair with a moderate heel to be able wear them a whole day if neccessary.

2. Acrylic in white
This one you use forthe seams between floor tiles.Choose acrylic not silicone because we will have to paint it later.

3. Acyrlic Paint
One in a vanilla or yellow tone, one in ocher for the heel as the waffle. One for your "ice cream", I chose pink. One for the sauce, I went for dark brown (chocolate).

4. A pair of fake fruits
The cherry on top! ;-) Choose between cherries or strawberries. Do not go for fully filled ones, they would be too heavy.

5. Pearl Pen
So I found one of these in my supplies. It is a pen with a viscous paint in it which easily forms pearls if dotted on paper or similar. You can use it for lines as well. Maybe this works with a glue gun as well but I am not sure if I was talanted enough to get a nicely straight line so I went for the peal pen. Choose a color like yellow, ocher or white which matches the colour of the waffle silghtly.

6. A spatula
To apply the acrylic. I had a popsicle in advance and saved the wooden stick for this purpuse. Actually my project was a good excuse to have some ice cream. ;-P

7. Disposable gloves
Just in case you want the paint and acrylic to stay off your hands. I do!

8. Tape
To protect selected areas of your shoe from being painted etc.

9. A paintbrush
Well... guess... :-)

10. A sponge
For appling paint.

11. A craftknife
For... you know... cutting.

12. A pastry bag or something similar
For a cream pile made of acrylic.


13. Polymer Clay
For the sprikles. Choose a colour you like best or even a bunch. You could even use glitter instead. (Finally decided against using sprikles)

14. An oven
For curing the clay.

Additional Material:

As mentioned in the discription I changed the project while working on it a little.

15. Acrylic paint in white
Because I did not like the pink colour alone.

16. Toothpicks
Helped to place the dips of chocolate.

17. Cotton buds
For cleaning up mess.

18. Paper towels
See 17.

19. Backing paper or aluminium foil
For placing the acrylic right out of the cartridge.

<p>So fun!</p>
<p>Yes, it was and it is. Can not wait to wear them!</p>
<p>Thanks! &lt;3</p>
<p>wow just wow</p>
<p>Thank you! :-)</p>
Awesome!!! I love this!
<p>Thank you! :-)</p>
<p>Woohooo! Thank you so much for featuring!!! &lt;3</p>
These turned out pretty good!! I was surprised that you used such a heavy layer of acrylic.. how was it viscous enough for that????
<p>Thanks! :-)</p><p>Do you mean the first, white layer I covered the whole shoe with? <br>I was looking for the correct translation and google came up with &quot;grout acrylic&quot; (?), so this stuff is very viscous. Somehow like thick toothpaste.</p>

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