In this video I will teach you how to do a awesome prediction magic trick with a bag of skittles! This trick is really unique and interesting. this trick should really surprise your audience and make them think you can read minds!

<p>I like the revelation, but I would suggest you use another type of force; by the force you using is called a cross-cut force. Might I suggest you use an equivoque or some other random looking force. Keep at it, you do have something here!</p>
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBzlKAcvt9E<br>Here is a link if vide doesnt show up
excellent trick. even after reading the entire instructable I still don't see how it works!

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Bio: I an a magic creator that believes that there is not enough new magic being taught for free. It is mainly all the old stuff ... More »
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