Introduction: How to Do Crazy Magic Card Trick!

how to do crazy magic card trick!

In this instructable you will learn how to do a really cool card trick with a deck of cards to blow peoples minds! some sleights are hard to explain in a normal instructable so for some of the sleights you will need to watch the video to understand how to do certain sleights. with that out of the way heres how to do it.

Step 1: What You Need

2 decks of cards

duplacate card

cut out heard from card

Step 2: Making the Gimmicks

Picture of Making the Gimmicks

take some nail polish remover and wipe it over a heart on the 2 of hearts. this should remove the heart. then take a different card with a heart on it and cut out the heart (shown in picture)

Step 3: More Setup

Picture of More Setup

tape the cut out heart on top of two of hearts in other deck. cut the deck so its in the middle and place it in the box. (shown above)

Step 4: The Force

Picture of The Force

start with the 2 duplicate cards on the bottom. (rigged one underneath) and preform a riffle force. (taught in video)

Step 5: The Pull

Picture of The Pull

preform the paintbrush change (shown in video) to create the illusion of pulling the suit off the card and throw it towards the box.

Step 6: The Finally

pull out the cards to show how the heart jumped to the 2 of hearts.


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Bio: I an a magic creator that believes that there is not enough new magic being taught for free. It is mainly all the old stuff ... More »
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