How to Do Glasses-shooting?



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Introduction: How to Do Glasses-shooting?

A glasses-shooting company or a photographer are usually afraid that customers require shooting glasses with lens, because the inadequate light control and the insufficient camera techniques will make the lens excessively bright, leaving optical blocks here and there, which ends up in a complete mess. Although after photo editing, certain problems can be solved, if one masters some shooting skills, it will make the glasses look better.

However, some skillful photographers prefer such customers, because no matter from the perspective of beauty or authenticity, the texture that lenses added is very delicate. On an optical sense, the effect of light reflected between lens and the edges of spectacle frames in the glasses shooting without lens can not match that of glasses shooting with lens. Besides, the light infiltrating from lens shows the curvature and texture in a beautiful manner.

Especially for sunglasses, the color reflected is magnificent. As is the case of sun glasses lens that reflect gorgeous rays, once the lens are removed, they completely lose the previous effect. And when camera techniques are insufficient, there will be terrible-looking flash spots on the lens surface, which is called a standard for shooting in the eyes of professional photographers; where there is a flash spot, there is no effect.

As for stylish transparent-color glasses, the metal frame and the transparent material inside are very exquisite. If one’s shooting is not good, there will be no metal effectl, and if one only takes care of metal effect but ignores the transparent material layer outside, there would be plain darkness or glasses in a fuzzy distortion.



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