There are many videos, tutorials, and instructables with ways of replicating the make up used on Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator movies, to make the "endoskeleton" show through his skin. I have found little annoying flaws in each of them, however through combining various parts of them, along with my own ingenuity, have created what I feel is a realistic looking replication of the make up.
Please Leave comments and constructive criticism!
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Step 7: Your Finished!

Your Finished! enjoy, you can use for Halloween, home movies, or just for fun! I hope you have found this useful, feel free to ask questions, and I would love comments and critiques, as this is my first instructable.
alekszandor5 years ago
You could make it easier by using aluminumfoil instead of sliverpainted paper... The result looks more like metal. Altough it's good work!
wraith109 (author)  alekszandor5 years ago
I actually tried that first, and the problem is it is impossible to keep it from wrinkling, not only when you are applying it, but when you are wearing it as well. and despite what it looks like in the pictures (poor camera) it really really does look like metal, especially if you use a good quality silver gel pen. thanks for the comment!