Picture of How to Do & Optimize Basic SEO
What is SEO?
SEO [search engine optimization] is where you optimize your website so that Google, Yahoo & Bing search engines can locate your website due to its value and great content and rank it high such as the 1st page of Google [this is HUGE and that is where all the F.R.E.E traffic comes from ;)]
What We`ll Cover:
In this short article, I will be covering the basics of SEO. Things you MUST do to get your website ranked. It is very simple, I am sure you know it, and if you don’t, then get to it.
* This is for newbies ONLY. Advanced marketers will not find something new other than logic here.
SEO, What You Shouldn’t Do:
Don’t take your optimizing too far.
That is because search engines want to rank natural, high quality page-websites, where the quality of the content is informative and helpful.
Beware; if you use any sort of tricks to rank high, the algorithm may locate your website and you`d likely have a penalty. That said, your website will drop in rankings.
Make sure your website is as natural as can be. Focus on the flow of your content, how your articles are categorized, do they make sense or not.
• Ask yourself when someone lands on your site, what are they likely to do first? Or why would they leave? Is it your Design? Content? Or your Products?
radekk2 years ago
Great article, I have learned a lot! Thanks!
seojohn442 years ago
Very nice article , after the Penguin update , things changed a lot in SEO , and the techniques are very different . We all need to Update our plans and inform our clients