How to Do & Optimize Basic SEO


Introduction: How to Do & Optimize Basic SEO

What is SEO?
SEO [search engine optimization] is where you optimize your website so that Google, Yahoo & Bing search engines can locate your website due to its value and great content and rank it high such as the 1st page of Google [this is HUGE and that is where all the F.R.E.E traffic comes from ;)]
What We`ll Cover:
In this short article, I will be covering the basics of SEO. Things you MUST do to get your website ranked. It is very simple, I am sure you know it, and if you don’t, then get to it.
* This is for newbies ONLY. Advanced marketers will not find something new other than logic here.
SEO, What You Shouldn’t Do:
Don’t take your optimizing too far.
That is because search engines want to rank natural, high quality page-websites, where the quality of the content is informative and helpful.
Beware; if you use any sort of tricks to rank high, the algorithm may locate your website and you`d likely have a penalty. That said, your website will drop in rankings.
Make sure your website is as natural as can be. Focus on the flow of your content, how your articles are categorized, do they make sense or not.
• Ask yourself when someone lands on your site, what are they likely to do first? Or why would they leave? Is it your Design? Content? Or your Products?

Step 1: Step 1: Ensure You Write Great Content

You must write articles, manuals of content of unique and great quality.

Okay, so now we move on to the Backlinks.
What are Backlinks?
Backlinks exist when a link on a website other than yours link back to your site. The more backlinks you have, the higher you`d rank. It has been said metaphorically, that each backlink acts as a “vote” to your website.
Why are Backlinks Important?
The search engines detect the number of backlinks and rate your website accordingly.
Back in the days it was easy for anyone to rank high with a few backlinks but now as the SEO techniques became worldwide, people have been gaining hundreds even thousands of backlinks on a daily basis to rank high. This worked for a while bit not anymore. Eventually the search engines got where the marketers are going and so now they are “rating” the quality of backlinks.

If a backlink was low or was misdirected of any kind for example had no relation to the actual content then the site wont rank high.
Get this:
1) 1 Backlink from a high ranking quality site in your niche is worth MORE than 1000 backlinks from sites of junk.
2) Don`t build 1000 backlinks a day, take your time.
3) Look for links of quality. Weight loss for Wieght loss niches not Golf courses [see what I mean?].
4) NEVER considering purchasing links for backlinks [you`ll get banned definitely with time].
5) Never stop, even if you are on the 1st page [remember, others are always working to get to where you are once you`re there ;)].

Step 2: Step 2: Start Building Backlinks.

Start building your very own backlinks. Make sure you don`t spam, everyone hates spamming. Avoid it!

Anchor text what is it?
It is the text you use linking to a webpage.
How Does a link on HTML page looks like?
Take a look;
Anchor Text
All I am saying is you need to focus on including your keyword in that text.
For example, you want to link to a page about Feeding Babies, can you guess what the link would mostly be? It`ll go something like this, “Feeding Little Babies”.
The search engines will notice and it is considered as a bonus.
NOTE: Make sure you make your link seem as natural as can be. The slighted over-optimization can affect your rankings.
Use your [main] keywords as much as possible, but don’t take it too far.
Now let`s talk about Keywords;
How important are Keywords?
Keywords to me personally are THE aspect of SEO success.
You have to have the right keywords merged in with your [valuable] content. What I`ll do is this:
1) Choose my main keyword
2) Purchase a domain name with that main keyword
3) Use the Google Keyword Tool to find the first 10 related keywords that appear.
Make sure the keywords you chose have at least 300 local monthly searches [making sure there is traffic to rank for!].
4) Take note of the 10 keywords, choose 5 to start with.
5) Write your first article; try to include ALL 5 keywords. But make you make sense, DO NOT overdue your keywords. Be careful with that.
Make sure that there isn`t too much competition, if there is it mainly means you`ll have to work X> harder to rank for. If your starting with SEO, look for lower completion keywords, that way you`ll rank faster, once your happy with your pace of work and your results, take it up to the next level.

Step 3: Step 3: Target Good Non-competitive Keywords

Include good quality keywords.

As for your Content;
- Make sure that you have great content.
If you don’t, then don’t expect Google to rank your site high. Google believe it or not cares about what their customers read and their overall satisfaction. They would never place junky site on the first pages of Google. That is why content is very important to be natural, to seem authentic to the reader.
- Content should be real, it should also be one of a kind.
Don`t rewrite articles, the search engines will ultimately detect that and un-index your site. If you want to build a profitable business, make sure the foundation your build is a strong one.
- Be honest with your content.
The key is to always put yourself in the reader`s mind, what would they do when they land on your site, how would they find it, what would seem difficult..etc Always give the reader to stay and most importantly, to come back.



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    Very nice article , after the Penguin update , things changed a lot in SEO , and the techniques are very different . We all need to Update our plans and inform our clients