Step 23: Catch a Show at the Valentine Theater (23)

The Valentine Theater is located in Downtown Toledo. It was built 1900 and is now owned by the Toledo Cultural Arts Center. Major renovations started in 1978, and the entire facility reopened in 1999.

The Valentine regularly features a diverse array of shows, and the Theater can also be rented by groups to show their own productions The main Auditorium seats 900 people, but you don't have to rent the whole building. Many smaller studios and conference rooms are available as well as two grand lobbies, which are popular with wedding parties. There's also lots of parking around the theater, which makes visiting a breeze.

Website: Valentine Theater
Map and directions: http://www.valentinetheatre.com/map.html
You guys did an awesome job of putting this together. I for one love Toledo and you did a good job on showing the best part's of Toledo! Good Job!
Visiting the dump does not count as a touristy thing to do...sorry!
Yah; I know. We created this Instructable partly in response to a contest in which we had to visit a recycling center.
hiya<br /> I was in Toledo last year and must have got stuck in the bad end of town ?&nbsp;being english I really didn't want to get out of my car , is that just stupid ?<br /> &nbsp;mind you it wasn't as bad as some parts of Detroit .. <br /> <br /> &nbsp;Is it right that if the buildings have window bars then you're in the wrong part of town ?<br /> <br /> <br /> &nbsp;Maybe next time i'm there i'll try downtown.. you've made me think it's all in my head hehehe<br /> <br /> regards<br /> Richard UK<br />
Yes.. seeing bars on windows and doors is NOT a good sign of the neighborhood quality.&nbsp; <br />
&nbsp;May not have been in the best part of town. Some people have bars on doors as decoration and it's in a good part of town. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> Next time you come to Toledo area you may want to stick to the guide book.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <br />
Cool, I just graduated from up there at BGSU a few months ago. Quite a few of that stuff I have done. Cheers..
I live about halfway between Toledo and Cleveland. I whole-heartedly recommend that if you can't do everything on this list, at least do Tony Packo's (11), The Zoo (48) (especially cool around Christmas), and the art museum (18). One that's not mentioned here... drive south on I-75 and catch a BGSU Falcons Hockey Game (Valid between October and March, only. Otherwise, go see the Mudhens (24).)
I love tony pacoes they have the best dogs I have ever tasted if you put one of there hotdogs on your head your toung will beat your brains out trying to get to it
Thanks for the suggestions! There are <strong>many</strong> great places in Toledo that aren't in our list (which was determined by the EPIC race committee), but it's a reasonable start.<br/>
are you kidding. out of that entire list ive only done one of those and i live 15 minutes away. btw you forgot to mention the many night clubs and fine joints such as platnums and club soda and dont forget about the shed only the best smoke shop around
so basically there's nothing to do in toledo...
Was worrying you missed out on Packo's.
Mud Hens rock.
You offer a lot of great suggestions others a little lame. I never thought of taking tours at The Islamic Center or Fox news channel. Thanks for putting this together, all though it is a little weird that you have the same shirt on in every picture. You might want to do number 43 and get new shirts.
We had to have the same shirt on that was part of the requirements of the "contest" we entered. We used instructables as our publisher. Not sure what you mean by doing number 43 and get new shirts. Tech Tattoos don't do shirts!
I've lived near Toledo all of my life and I have to say one of the best places that would have made the top of my list was COSI its a shame it closed... Other than that great list!
There's a COSI in Columbus, you can come visit us.
Yeah, it's too bad COSI closed! I'm glad my kids got to see it before it shut down, but I'd like to take them there again now that they're older. There's some possibility it will reopen in the future; acc. to the Blade, they're delaying selling off the displays on the theory that funding will be available in the future.
At first glance, I thought you meant Toledo, Spain
I am surprised you didn't get better pictures of the zoo. Also don't forget about maumee bay state park.
Sorry about the photos -- We were in a bit of a hurry to get all these sites in over the course of three weeks, so we didn't stop to take lots of pictures. The Toledo Zoo is truly a marvelous place, especially for kids. Per Maumee Bay, please see my response to ERNesbitt's comment (below.)
This is a great guide to not only show visitors what type of things they can do in Toledo, but its residents as well. I have lives here for almost five years and learned many things about activities that I have already participated in and new activities that I would love to experience. Thank you for putting your time, effort and blood into showing people what Toledo has to offer.
You're welcome! Glad to hear you appreciate our efforts. :)

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