Step 6: Laundry is Done!

Picture of Laundry is Done!
Some safety considerations exist when doing laundry.  Always make sure washer and dryer machines come to a full stop before reaching into the machines to avoid injury.  Also, avoid picking up any piece of clothing that has fallen behind or between the machines.  This is college, nothing is sanitary so play it safe and just buy another pair of socks.  Also, for your own emotional safety, never try to pick up a member of the opposite sex in the laundry room.  Get their name and room number and bring your "A" game somewhere more lively than a dark, musty college laundry room.

Congratulations you have completed your first load of laundry!  You will now be able to spend many wasted hours and quarters on this necessary task.  Now that you have the laundry basics down, you can get back to that much needed studying.  Or you could impress that special someone with your nicely folded set of clothes that you did all by yourself and maybe even offer to teach them how it's done because now you are the expert!