Time to complete: Approximately 45 mins.

You need:
a. Dirty clothes
b. Any liquid laundry detergent
c. A washing machine (connected to power and water)
d. The desire to get the job done

1. Separate clothes.
2. Use dial to start the washing machine.
3. Load machine.
4. Add detergent.
5. Close lid.
6. Wait.

Step 1: Separate Clothes

Separate the clothes into piles.  Here I have piles for 3 separate washes.

1. Light clothes - wash these separately or they will turn gray or, worse, pink 
2. Dark clothes - the dye in these clothes tend to bleed onto lighter colored clothes turning them gray or pink.
3. Fragile clothes - guys don't have this pile

IMPORTANT:  do not wash your cat in the washing machine - no matter how much she wants to be part of the action.
<p><strong>nice catto</strong></p>

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