How to Do a Fast Plant on a Flowrider



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Introduction: How to Do a Fast Plant on a Flowrider

This video shows how to do a fast plant on the flowrider. You step off the board and plant your feet directly on the wave. The board flies up in the air, where you catch it, throw it back down, jump on it, and keep riding. Mastering fast plants will help you learn acid drops, aka cavemans, where you throw the board in at the top of the wave, jump on, and ride it down.


1 - Take your front foot off the board

2 - As the board pivots upward, let your back foot slide off, so that the board jumps in the air

3 - Grab the board in the air

4 - Toss it back on the wave. Add a 180 twist or finger flip for style

5 - Jump back on the board and keep riding!



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