In this instructable, I will show you step by step on how to get into a needle position!:) Enjoy!!

Step 1: Stretch and Warm Up

You should always make sure you stretch and warm up before attempting something advanced like this. Some stretches include:
-Head to your legs
-middle split
-right split
-left split
Hand and foot stretch

Step 2: Stand With Your Feet Parallel

Start with your feet facing forward

Step 3: Lift One Leg Up

Your most flexible leg should be the leg you stand on (left or right) , so lift up your other leg and grab ahold of the back of the knee with your hand.

Step 4: Lift It Up As High As You Can

Still holding your knee, lift your leg up as high as you can bring it to your head.

Step 5: Grab Your Foot With the Other Hand

Now grab your foot with the other hand (still holding on to your knee).

Step 6: Now Straighten Your Leg

Using your hand that is holding your knee, push it straight and bend your back and head backwards to your leg.

Step 7: Done!:)

Now you have a needle:)
<p>that possition is creeping me out. i couln't do that without breaking half my body lol XD</p>
<p>Wow, I honestly couldn't wrap my brain around what your body was doing for a minute. It's safe to say that not many people can do this, or will ever be able to do this, but we can dream!</p>
<p>At my age, none of those positions will ever happen again. But then I couldn't do any of them when I was young either. </p>
Ohhh you must be elastic, if I try this I will break in two. Very impressive indeed!
impressive! I've got quite a bit of stretching to do before I try this...
<p>Haha! Its ok, this took me a while to learn too :)</p>

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