Picture of How to Do a Powerful Coin Vanish Magic Trick

This crazily powerful coin vanish effect  uses several 'sleight-of-hand' methods:

The French Drop

The Classic Palm

The Wrist Subtlety

If you haven't learned these yet, you should definately do so before you have a go at learning this trick.

You can learn them all free here: Fundamental Coin Magic Techniques

Cool. Now let's learn this powerful effect. Don't forget that you are going to have to practice this a lot until you are confident to show it to folks. But it will repay your time and effort as, performed well it is a total mind-blower!

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Step 1: Step 1 High Impact Coin Vanish

Picture of Step 1 High Impact Coin Vanish
The magician holds up a coin, openly displaying it between fingers and thumb.

Step 2: Step 2 High Impact Coin Vanish

Picture of Step 2 High Impact Coin Vanish
The empty hand comes across, taking the coin between fingers and thumb.

Step 3: Step 3 High Impact Coin Vanish

Picture of Step 3 High Impact Coin Vanish

The magician takes the coin away. The coin is now in the other hand and the original hand is clearly empty.

Step 4: Step 4 High Impact Coin Vanish

Picture of Step 4 High Impact Coin Vanish
Now, the magician turns the hand over and begins to rub the fingers together, slowly opening the hand to reveal...the coin has disappeared!

Step 5: Step Five High Impact Coin Vanish

Picture of Step Five High Impact Coin Vanish
Now the magician proceeds to swipe both hands, demonstrating that they are truly empty. First one...

Step 6: Step 6 High Impact Coin Vanish

Picture of Step 6 High Impact Coin Vanish

...and now the other one.

Step 7: Step 7 High Impact Coin Vanish

Picture of Step 7 High Impact Coin Vanish
Now the magician turns his hands over so the audience can clearly see them from the back...

Step 8: Step 8 High Impact Coin Vanish

Picture of Step 8 High Impact Coin Vanish

...and also from the front. The coin really has vanished away!

This is one of the most powerful coin vanishes you'll ever do and expertly performed will even fool other magicians! And one of the best thngs about it is that you don't need any secret equipment or to buy any devices (known as 'gimmicks') from the magic store. Really, all you need is a coin - and you can even borrow it from the audience!

Keep on to the next steps to see how the effect is actually achieved.
AndersB215 days ago

Thanks for sharing, I truly love magic!


Do you use any particular coin for this trick? Mine just keeps sliding off my skin. I can barely hold my hand at an angle without it sliding off. Also, which size (diameter) coin do you use? Can you please provide like cm or inches cause I am not familiar with cents or whatever :)

Also, how do you transition from step 12 to 13?

It is a very tricky one to learn (pardon the pun!).

You need to find a coin that is going to nestle comfortably in just the right spot - which can also take some finding. Study that photo carefully.

I find that a coin about the size of a half dollar if you're in the US, a two pounds coin if you're in the UK and a two euro coin if you're in Europe, is about right. Certainly anything much smaller than that and it will be almost impossible.

You could try discretely licking your wrist beforehand ( a tip I picked up from David Stone, the French illusionist and coin worker) just to get a bit of extra grip while you practice the move.

I know it has been a long time coming, but I really am working on a total overhaul of my website and the new version, when finally it is complete, will include video demonstrations of this and loads of other stuff by me.

In the meantime, keep practising and do ask me here, or email me via the site, if you have any other questions. It might take an age - but I will get back to you!

All the best with your magic.


Thanks for the quick reply Austin. You are awesome :)

Aww, shucks. *blush*

Ah yes, transitioning from 12 to 13.

Okay, this is a simple, smooth movement that starts with you raising your hand upward from the wrist, keeping the arm level. As you do this, if the coin is correctly positioned, it will 'catch' between the small bone and the folded flesh of the base of your palm. This is sufficient to hold it.

You have to practice this A LOT and start out VERY slowly. By all means place the coin in position first, to practice. It's a bit of a knack, but once you have it, then with great patience, keep doing it and you will develop the skill to do this quite naturally and at speed.

Do be aware, however, that this is a darned high-level, I mean professional level, sleight and will take some work.

Good luck (comes to those who work for it)!

jdivo11 months ago

Can you do a video ?? I think that it's more simple if you had a video...

The Magic Tricks Homepage (author)  jdivo11 months ago
Hi jdivo,

I certainly will do a video. In fact I am currently working on a complete renewal and update of The Magic Tricks Homepage (rather slowly, I'm afraid as I have to do it in my rare moments of spare time!) which will include original video tutorials by me, including all these techniques.

A lot of this I'll also share here on Instructables, of course.

It is hard to say when I'll have it completed but certainly I would hope before the summer is out.

All the best. :)
ajkcool1 year ago
how do you perform this live?
Hi, thanks for your question.

The first answer is - with lots of practice. The whole thing can run very smoothly but it will take many hours, days, even weeks of practice to get it up to speed.

Clearly you have to watch your angles but you'd be surprised how close up you can do it.

One other key to learning any magic trick is to regard it a bit like a recipe. You know, adapt it and change it in whatever ways make it work best for you.

Since posting this instruction, I have developed this further in performance and incorporate a 'convincer' by way of a finger palm midway. too.

Play with it, work hard at it, adapt it to suit your style. It's one of my favorites. Broken up step-by-step it is difficult to see just how quick and smooth it can be. It takes just a few seconds to perform.

Grab a coin and get started! :)
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repguy20201 year ago
SNEAKY! I love it!
Rentam3 years ago
Nice trick.
luv shawn spencer watched evry episode so far
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No one has ever said that before! Shall I take it as a cool thing???
George Harrison is my favourite BeaTle.
Yup, it's cool!!! he's a great singer!!
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