Picture of How to Dodge the Picture Thing
If you have windows Vista then you will probably notice when right after you put your mouse on a picture that a little thing comes up with its Url. I will show you how to dodge it!

Note: The box will go away after at least 10 sec. but who wants to waight that long!
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Step 1: The THING!

Picture of The THING!
The thing comes up when the mouse hits the image.

Step 2: The First Way

Picture of The First Way
This is the easiest way.
1. First put the box as far as away as you can from the target Area.
2. move pointer up towards the target.
3 Rejoice! You can read the box!

Step 3: The More DIFFICULT Way

Picture of The More DIFFICULT Way
DSC00632 Edit.jpg
Refer to Pic #2 for Path.

HINT: Do Not Touch The URL Box!!!

Step 4: Thank Yous

Picture of Thank Yous
I'd like to thank burzvingion for the great 2x2 Magnetic Dice Cube Instuctable where I got the pictures from. Good Job burzingion!

2x2 Magnetic Dice Cube is here
jgeekw4 years ago
WTF? What purpose does this serve????? Good waste of bandwidth
LuciusMare5 years ago
OR, do not use Vista and IE :)
husker6 years ago
Ya I hate that too ooo wait i don't SAFARI! GO MACS!
hmm i wonder how you could, *firefox* achoo, solve this?
bobbyk8816 years ago
Its not just vista, Xp and other Os has that too.
Clayton H. (author)  bobbyk8816 years ago
It's just that I probly never noticed it and its just pisses me off so I took the opportunity.
Yeah I know what you mean, I hate it too.
steed11726 years ago
bwahahaa eat that E V I L box thing!
What? Are you sure it isn't just some stupid thing you've installed. I run Vista Business SP1 on my laptop and I've never had that happen.
I get it in Firefox in XP and I also get it when I run linux off USB sometimes.
I also run Firefox on my XP computer (like hell I'll ever use IE again...), still I haven't seen anything like this.
Well, it seems as though 'm not getting it as much now but when Instructables first updated I got it all the time. I think I even submitted a bug report.
xACIDITYx6 years ago
Yeah, I already figured this out. It's a really annoying bug.
robertm6 years ago
i have it too. another way is to run your mouse over the box, and once it comes up run it over the text. This makes the text stay put url go away.
AZIMUT6 years ago
thanks that box thing is realy anoying!!!
I have never had this problem and I have vista... weird.