This instructable will teach you how to download blocked software on your computer for work or school. All you will need is a blocked computer, an unblocked computer, and a usb flash drive. Good luck.

Step 1: Download the Software

First, take the usb flash drive and the unblocked computer and download the software onto the usb.

Step 2: Transfer the Software

Second, transfer the file onto the blocked computer. If that did not work, I will be making another instructable for that later. Thank you.

<p>You can also download software (demo and trial) including standalone setup and offline installers for your computer running Microsoft Windows and other OS. From <a href="http://pctrickstips.com/" rel="nofollow">PC Tricks Tips</a>. They are all safe and scanned by an antivirus before being uploaded so you are on the safe side!</p>
<p>well, that was short and sweet</p>

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