I like maps. I own several GPS units but there is nothing like having a paper map when you're hiking the back country. I find the larger format of a map easier when aligning landmarks and better yet I don't have to worry about the batteries ever running out.
There are several places on the Internet where you can print parts of topo maps. Why have parts when you can have the whole thing. Might as well go directly to the source for the complete maps.

Step 1: USGS Web Page

I could post a direct link to where we need to go but that wouldn't help you much if this Instructables wasn't handy so I'll show how to get there on you're own.

Point your browser at store.usgs.gov.

Once you get the page loaded, click on the "Map Locator" link near the upper left corner.
<p>Thanks, this is very helpful for my area in western colorado for on but all 71/2 minutes I have are too much for me anymore.</p>
<p>For Mac users MacGPS Pro software fro James Associates (http://www.macgpspro.com) will read the free USGS geo referenced PDFs and convert them to the PICT format that it uses. You can also purchase map files from James associates for various regions, which have the advantage of being able to view adjoining maps seamlessly.</p>
<p>Dolly Sods are excellent for sure! Try to make it there twice a year.</p>
<p>wow, this is great. I have always wondered if there was a database that compiled these maps and distributed them for free. Great find and great instructable. thanks!</p>
This worked fine for me, Thank You for a great instructable. I didn't have to down load any software, and I am running Linux.
The download is done with the &quot;TerraGo&quot; software??<br>It seems you have to download their software or am I missing something ??<br>Anyway, I'm on an iMac and it's Windows only, so I guess I'm screwed...
I just checked the USGS site and something is going on. Maybe it's a temporary glitch. I'll check back later and update the instructable if needed.
OK it's working now. You don't need the TerraGo software to download the maps. I'm using a linux machine so it wouldn't have worked for me either.<br>Be sure to check &quot;MARK POINTS&quot; on the right side of the screen then just left click once on the map and wait. Takes a few seconds before the read marker shows up where you clicked. Left click on the red marker to see what maps are available.
I am not sure if i did right, but there is only one map of 1973 in my area....is that correct?
What is the location you searched on?
I search in MA Plymouth...the map is very old...i did what you said on your text!
I just did search on Plymouth MA and found a map dated 2009 and an older one for 1977.
Great information! Thanks.

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