How to Download Text Into MS Programs


Introduction: How to Download Text Into MS Programs

Hey, I'm going to show you how to download text for use in programs like MS Paint, Paint.NET, Powerpoint, Word, etc. You can basically use this in any program, even Photoshop.

Here you are :)

All the all maizeful you know, stuff at <a href="">ROBLOX</a> are wicked in ROBLOX, a crazy user-made world

Step 1: Get to the Website!

You can use other free downloading programs, but I am using for this instructable. So, find your website now.

Step 2: Downloading Pt. 1

Find a font you like and click Download. Click "Open" or "Run". A folder should open, looking SOMEWHAT like this.

Step 3: Downloading Pt. 2

Click "Extract All Files". An extraction wizard window should pop up. Click Next until you get to the location domain. Choose: My Computer > Local Disc (C) > WINDOWS > Fonts and click OK.

Step 4: Finish

Click Next and Finish. Open your image editor and find the name of the font (In this case, Oomph). Use it as you please! :)



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    You're not showing us how to do anything, you're saying a few words about something you did.

    E.g. "So, find your website now." -what does that mean?


    3 replies

    It means find the website you want to use to download, like dafont or... honestly, I can't think of any others right now. This shows you how to get them into the programs.

    Then it amounts to Click "Open" or "Run" and Click "Extract All Files"? Most people can manage these things - where to get files from would be more useful.