This instructable will teach you how to how to download and use the music program Spotify on a computer running windows. Spotify is a commercial music streaming program that provides a wide range of major and independent record labels to listeners. Music can be browsed by artist, song title, album, record label, genre, or playlist.

Materials Needed:
-computer with Windows operating system
-internet connection
-e-mail address or Facebook account
-basic knowledge of how to use a computer/internet

Note: This tutorial does not cover using Spotify on mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets. Using Spotify on these devices may require a paid monthly subscription.

Step 1: Downloading Spotify

Go to the Spotify home page, www.spotify.com

 Click the button that says “Get Spotify”.
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...paid comments, how conveniently shiteful :D
The images really helped me and they were integrated into the instructions really well. The instructions were easy to follow for me!
I love the use of the images, and how the information provided with the images is concise and to the point. I just have a hard time seeing what the arrows are pointing to. I think it would help if you screen shot a specific part of the webpage you want, so the reader can see it better. Great job!!
Hey guys, great instructable! Really helpful. I'm just wondering about pages 7 and 8 -each page ends with a colon, and underneath I expected to find an icon (page 7) and a logo (page 8). Are we supposed to go to the next page to view them or are the images yet to be added? Was just a bit confusing. Otherwise great job, thanks!

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