By drawing a fish in Microsoft paint, students will be able to draw cartoon animals and objects, and properly use the different types of drawing tools in paint.

Drawing things on Microsoft (MS) paint is something that I enjoy to do in my free time. You may think that you can't because you are bad at drawing with pencil and paper you won't be good at paint, well you can't be any further from the truth. One of the main reasons I love MS paint, is because it's so easy to undo things you don't like. At first you may not like your drawing, but keep going! If you try and try pretty soon your drawings will look awesome! In this Instructable, we will be drawing a fish, it is not the main "project" per se, but it will help you get started on the steps in drawing.
Here are the three main things you need to remember:
Curved Lines are our Friends:
While they may seem quite confusing, they are very simple. Just click on point A, then B, and click and drag until the line looks like how you like it!
Ctrl+Z is also our Friend:
Like I said before, the best way to make drawings is to constantly "undo". It's alright to admit your mistakes, and then retry. It only takes a few seconds and will make your drawing much better.
Make Custom Colors:
Normal colors are too... bland. When we see colors like those every day, they get kind of boring. Another great reason to use custom colors is that you should never settle for less than perfection, and if a color looks a little "funky" you may want to switch it out.

Now that we got our base rules down, let's start on the fish!
TheLimeGreen13 made it!3 months ago


HMice3 years ago
I made my profile pic with MS paint.
ChrysN3 years ago
Great drawings, I am lousy at drawing with pencil and paper maybe I will try this.
popewill (author)  ChrysN3 years ago
(Sorry for the late response)
You should! Post pics when you're done!
lemonie3 years ago
MS Paint is pretty crude, but I like it's simplicity. I loath to open e.g. PhotoShop for a nice quick job - you do well with these.

wilgubeast3 years ago
Nice work. I love that learning objective.
sunshiine3 years ago
Very good! Thanks for sharing and I wish you the best!