Picture of How to Draw Chibi!
This project shows you how to draw a child--chibi style!

Chibi is a way of drawing were the features are exaggerated to be small and cute.

You'll need: A pencil (or pen) and a piece of paper.

Thanks. =)

Step 1: The Head

Picture of The Head
Draw a fat, upside-down "U". Then draw an ear on the left side. Below that, draw a connecting line like in the picture.

That's cool. But, it looks more like a normal manga character or an elongated chibi. No offense!

Pro Draw2 years ago
This was a hard one for me but I think it turned out good.
how about mine? sorry if im bothering you. I drew this about 3 years ago, in 6th grade extnded math. Its on the back of my old HMK
Picture 150.jpg
chrizw1234 years ago
nice drawing ^_^
what you think of mine?(be honest o_O)
These are really good!
turtlelover (author)  chrizw1234 years ago
yours are really good! They're so detailed! mine are so plain....but yours remind me of warriors and other cool things.
thankz :P how long have you been drawing for?
turtlelover (author)  chrizw1234 years ago
not very long. well, i've drawn but they weren't very good. i started drawing manga and stuff like that about a year ago. you?
I always was drawing but I started liking manga when I watchedsome hayao miyazki films and the dragon ball graphic novels... So about since I was ten or eleven. I'm 14 now