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This project shows you how to draw a child--chibi style!

Chibi is a way of drawing were the features are exaggerated to be small and cute.

You'll need: A pencil (or pen) and a piece of paper.

Thanks. =)

Step 1: The Head

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Draw a fat, upside-down "U". Then draw an ear on the left side. Below that, draw a connecting line like in the picture.

Step 2: The Eyes

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Next, draw the cheek bone. It should connect to the other half of the face you drew before. Then, draw the neck. When you're done with the neck, draw the eyes. You can draw them however you like, but this is how I prefer to draw them.

Step 3: Eyes Continued

Picture of Eyes Continued

Now fill in the eyes. I draw three circles, then connect them. For the "background" of the eyes, I make it fade away at the top. As for the hair, you can draw bangs, side bangs, parted, however you want.

Step 4: The Face

Picture of The Face

Now for the face. Under the eyes, draw little "tick-marks". On the same line as those, draw a small little nose. Directly below the nose, draw the mouth. Draw the mouth however you want; smiling, sad, whatever. I like to make a small little smile. To make her expression even more priceless, add slightly curved eyebrows. This makes her look innocent. Add the rest of the hair however you like.

Step 5: Body & Clothes

Picture of Body & Clothes

It's time for the body. You can do any type of shirt, dress, swimsuit, etc. In this picture, I drew a tank top with a t-shirt under it. For the hands, they look like skinny mittens. All that will change in the next step. There are many things you can do with hands; peace sign, waving, fists, etc. I like to draw chibi's with hands down in a proper position. You can see the beginning of a skirt coming through.

Step 6: Hands

Picture of Hands

Now putting fingers on the hands. In the "body" of the "mitten" add a couple of long streaks to indicate the different fingers. On the smaller part of the "mitten", add a fingernail. That becomes the fingernail of the thumb.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Picture of Finishing Touches

You're almost done! Add a little detail to the clothes, then draw the legs. This girl has really long legs:).  The shoes are flats, and their pointing out. Never, ever, EVER draw shoes that are pointing left or right. Nobody stands like that! Once you do the shoes, you're done! Admire your work. Ta-da!


amaralynn (author)2017-01-15

this is very hard to draw

mazzy mitchell (author)2015-01-28

That's cool. But, it looks more like a normal manga character or an elongated chibi. No offense!

Pro Draw (author)2013-02-19

This was a hard one for me but I think it turned out good.

kaylaangelkisses (author)2012-06-08

how about mine? sorry if im bothering you. I drew this about 3 years ago, in 6th grade extnded math. Its on the back of my old HMK

chrizw123 (author)2010-10-30

nice drawing ^_^
what you think of mine?(be honest o_O)

friendlysinger (author)chrizw1232012-02-27

These are really good!

turtlelover (author)chrizw1232010-10-30

yours are really good! They're so detailed! mine are so plain....but yours remind me of warriors and other cool things.

chrizw123 (author)turtlelover2010-10-30

thankz :P how long have you been drawing for?

turtlelover (author)chrizw1232010-11-01

not very long. well, i've drawn but they weren't very good. i started drawing manga and stuff like that about a year ago. you?

chrizw123 (author)turtlelover2010-11-02

I always was drawing but I started liking manga when I watchedsome hayao miyazki films and the dragon ball graphic novels... So about since I was ten or eleven. I'm 14 now

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