Introduction: How to Draw Creative Eyes

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Want to get creative when drawing eyes? Well here is how I draw eyes with a twist.

Step 1: Gather Materials

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You will need:

- Paper
- A pen or pencil
- (optional) crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

Step 2: Draw a Lemon Shape

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Draw a lemon shape. Then add a curve in the corner for the tear duct.

Step 3: Add the Eye Lid

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Draw an almost half circle above the "lemon".

Step 4: Add Eye Lashes

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Add short curves for the top and bottom eye lashes. Make the top lashes slightly longer.

Step 5: Add an Eyebrow and Start Adding Reflection

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Draw an eyebrow and add a reflection in the "lemon".

Step 6: Add Details to Eye

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- Add shadow to top of eyelid.
- Draw the iris and the pupil.
- Add various circle shaped reflections.
- Fill in the pupil.
- Darken the line around the iris.
- Add shadow to tear duct.
- Darken the top of the "lemon"

Step 7: Add Detail to the Iris

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- Add dimension to your eye on the sides.
- Add 3 lines in the iris.
- Add 3 triangles in between the 3 lines.
- Add half lines on both sides of the triangles.

Step 8: Color the Iris

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- Add small specks of color in the iris.

Step 9: Add a Design and Your Done!

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This is where you can get creative and make a cool design. Or you could just make this design.

Thanks for reading! I would LOVE to see your designs!!!!!!!!


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