Introduction: How to Draw Domo

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Today I will be teaching you how to draw Domo.


Step 1: Drawing His Eyes

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The eyes are basically two black dots. So, draw two black dots for the eyes.

Step 2: Drawing His Mouth

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Draw a rectangle for his mouth.

Step 3: Drawing His Teeth

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Draw four triangles on the top of his mouth then, draw four triangles on the bottom of his mouth.

Those triangles will represent his teeth.

Step 4: Drawing His Body

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Draw a half rounded rectangle for a body.

Step 5: Drawing His Feet

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Draw two U's for feet; a line to close to body.

Step 6: Drawing His Arms

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Draw two O hooks for his arms.

Step 7: Coloring Domo!!!

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This step is optional, but I wanted to color him.


Melia1661 (author)2015-05-12

very cute!

foreversinging (author)Melia16612015-05-12


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