Step 3: EuroDragon Step 2

Picture of EuroDragon Step 2
Now for the legs. The legs are divided into three sections. The first section is its thigh, which are usually quite big because they have to hold the weight of the dragon. The second section is the "leg". The third section is the feet. Its your decision how many finger it has, but almost it's almost always four. Remember to put some scary claws.

It's usually easier to draw one front leg and hide the other one.
hardy966 years ago
hey dude thiz rocks i got to draw dragons better a really good artest im 12 but turn 13 n to days
haruka6 years ago
omg! i mean like ur artwork rocks! i really new here but i have to say, you make the best dragons! rock on!
Keith-Kid (author)  haruka6 years ago
That's a first....an actual positive comment....thanks!