Step 3: EuroDragon Step 2

Now for the legs. The legs are divided into three sections. The first section is its thigh, which are usually quite big because they have to hold the weight of the dragon. The second section is the "leg". The third section is the feet. Its your decision how many finger it has, but almost it's almost always four. Remember to put some scary claws.

It's usually easier to draw one front leg and hide the other one.
<p>Hi guys i drew this dragon.</p><p>Like it?</p>
<p>Hi guys this my dragon I drew. You like it?</p>
I admit it: I am OBSESSED with dragons. However, I believe that like humans, dragons do not come in different breeds. Have you read Eragon? It's where I get most of my ideas about dragons. :P
<p>Scratch my last comment but PetBennet is right and btw it is spelled ampithires</p><p>and what about lindworms and marsupial and frost dragons?</p>
U for got wyverns and ampatheters ( not sure I spelled that right but they have no legs and there covered in feathers)
I had to draw a dragon for my book report, and this website was PERFECT thank you SOOO much! I love this place!
It loves you too :)
I know, people love me lol (sarcasm) :D
i like um<br>i used to draw dragons all the time and i got very good at it. but sadly i stopped for a few months and my skills faded away:(<br>i will try to put up some pics of my best in a slide show maybe
Oh, and one more thing, How do i get a profile picture? Thanks =D<br><br>PS i love this website!
okay website and im not very negative but bigger better in depth draw work better for me
This is my favorite dragon drawing instructable by far!!!!!!!!<br />
&nbsp;Dude, you're great. When did you start drawing, because it seems like you've been in the&nbsp;business&nbsp;a long time.&nbsp;
Dis is ma Dragon ...
by the way very cute. :)<br />
oh my gosh! that dragon is soooooooooooo cute!
Can I pet it...?
It's neat how you draw baby dragons.
Awwwwwwwwww.......... So Cute!
that is an awsome dragon!!
what is its name?
Looks great!
how do u get to` da forums?
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/community?categoryGroup=all&amp;category=all">https://www.instructables.com/community?categoryGroup=all&amp;category=all</a><br/>
kieth-kid, do u go on neondragonart.com
i got a book thing made by the same person that does the pics on that site. the cover got ripped off sadly. :(<br />
Never heard of it.
well, its just a website that has drawing tutorials colering sheets and alot of drawing tips and stuff baisically. also i know that i keep asking u this but... do u want a gerbil they are redy to go to homes. if u want i can upload a pic of them so u could pick one out if u will buy one.
Sorry, told you no.
¿¿¿??? is that the forums its ok i found them like two mins ago
&nbsp;Mine did not turn out like that but still awesome directions good job keep it up!
uhm, the two legged or armed dragons are wyverns. just thought i'd point that out.
I have no two legged dragons here. Chinese dragons usually have about 6 short limbs, like in the picture provided. Wyverns are another type of dragon, from the Middle Ages, usually from Europe.
how do put a picture on your account
i love this instructable! it rocks it is my favorite instuctable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aaaaahhhhhhhhh! u wrong the chinese one has 4 legs look closely near the tail. lol
I never said it didn't have 4 legs.... The one I drew actually has 4 legs....
Dude This IS SOOO Awesome :-) How Did You Learn To Draw Like That?
hey dude thiz rocks i got to draw dragons better a really good artest im 12 but turn 13 n to days
omg! i mean like ur artwork rocks! i really new here but i have to say, you make the best dragons! rock on!
That's a first....an actual positive comment....thanks!
although i dont really say it keith-kid i agree with haruka. u r a good online person to talk to! <sup>_</sup><br/>
ok just ta let u know i will change my name to stop puppy mills ok
you totally rock man! im new to this site, i hope i get a lot of friends! peace! -haruka
They look more like a pig.
Thanks for the criticism! Hope you fall into a well!
yah hahahahahahahahahaha
i draw this kinda stuff
keth kid, look at this funneh pic of blitzwing(decepticon transformer) i found , also, i will post my fire drake soon ... ok?

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