How to Draw Ducky Momo From Phineas and Ferb (PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!)





Introduction: How to Draw Ducky Momo From Phineas and Ferb (PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!)

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How to Draw Ducky Momo.


Thank you for taking time to read this intractable. It is done by our six year old sister, who's dream is to be published on instructables. She would be absolutely thrilled to win a contest. Please vote for her, she would love it and be extremely elated if she won. Please, from the bottom of our hearts, vote for her. Thank you for your time, and keeping the dream of the next generation of instructables authors alive. Thanks again!


Step 1: DRAW

Step 2: DRAW

Step 3: DRAW

Step 4: DRAW

Step 5: DRAW

Step 6: COLOR



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    You go, girl! You had me at Ducky Momo. Excellent job breaking up the process into steps that are easy to follow - my daughter (who is also 6) is going to love following your directions to make a great picture! Thank you, and GREAT JOB!!!

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    Thank you so much for being so supportive. She loved this comment! Thanks again! I would love to see your daughters picture as well. My sister has been obsessed with Ducky Momo, and it's only in a few episodes! I find it hilarious. Anyways, thanks again!

    The instructions 'Draw' for every step does seem a bit vague, but to be fair, that is the instruction that really matters in any step by step drawing instructable. The drawing is breaking down into a series of identifiable, mentally capturable shapes and lines. There are plenty of how to draw books based on this exact format of instruction.

    However I do see the point of not having every step of an instructable being the same instruction. I think 'Draw the body', 'Draw the eyes' 'draw the beak' as instructions would have satisfied the expected instructables format.

    That said, the 'PLEASE READ!!!' 'please vote' based on the authors age, put in the title and beginning paragraph of the instructable could have better been placed at the end. Also for future instructables or even this one if you edit it, you might replace the 'PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!' with something like (6 years old) or (6 year old author). The please read all CAPS with exclamation points make it sound like someone is in danger somewhere and if users don't click on the instructable that someone will surely perish.

    Obviously your sister wants to be and in my opinion is therefore ready to be an author on instructables. Why not set her up her own account then? With a bio explaining that she is 6 so it doesn't have to be reexplained in every instructable?

    I love your bio about the bullying. I agree and those things need said. But those are not the words of a six year old child helping to explain a six year old's situation or thoughts.

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    Thanks for the ideas. She can't have her own account because you need to be at least thirteen. Thanks for the idea though! :D

    Ah. I might have known. Well, shoot. Well then bravo to you for challenging that age limitation without breaking the rules. Keep giving her a voice!

    Who was saying bad

    I can honestly say this is unique. If I were you, I would make sure that my skills were a little more developed. Make sure your titles and descriptions are thorough. From what I see, there are no descriptions and the title for every step is "draw". I'm not saying this to be rude or hurt your feelings, this is constructive criticism. At one point, I was where you are. Just remember to take time and put effort into your instructables.

    Thanks for contributing to the community! ~Momoluv

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    I know about this...check out my other instructables. This is by my little sister, and she did this on her own. We are trying to start a thing where we let kids publish their feels great. My sister is six, and she isn't completely developed yet. I understand it is draw for every step, but she really can't explain. A picture is worth a thousand words!! :D Thank you for taking time to read this, and please understand this is my little sister, not me, and she was doing her best. Thank you for not being rude or mean, there was another user whose comment was deleted that hurt her feelings. D: Thanks for being nice! ;D


    Awesome! Anytime I think I a duck I always have ducky momo in mind, I will be makeing one to put in my locker very soon!

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    Thank you so much for the positive comment. She was absolutely thrilled to see this wonderful comment thank you!