How to Draw Eevee Part 1


Introduction: How to Draw Eevee Part 1

For my first ever instructable, I'll show how to draw an Eevee. I call this one Reuben. Sorry if the pics are a bit blurry. Never been good with cameras

Step 1: Draw a Circle

Simple, right?

Step 2: Get Cheeky

A little lump for each side will do. Then erase the inside lines

Step 3: Listen

The ears kinda look like angry eyes around a snout

Step 4: Look


Step 5: Little Whiffer

A tiny triangle, smack in the middle

Step 6: Your Never Fully Dressed W/o a Smile


Step 7: Draw the Mane and Bandana

Step 8: Outline

Be sure to fix anything that looks wrong first.

Step 9: Color!!!!!:3

its a beautiful creation right. i hope so, or else that makes me a bad teacher:3 I'll draw the body later.



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    That looks great! Thanks for sharing!