Expressions are a vital piece of information that can tell you how a person is feeling, what they want to emphasize, and how they want you to react to them in return. A great deal of information and experience can be gleaned from observing people. Your best examples will be people who are relaxed and comfortable sharing expressions with you. Translating these details to paper takes a matter of perspective and a few tips. Once you know the basics, the rest of the drawing is just practice.

Have these tools handy:
  Practice pad of paper (this can be anything from printer paper to professional sketching paper)
  An eraser
  Music, ambient noise, scented candles, or silence—whatever helps you stay relaxed and focused.

Set yourself up at a place where you will be comfortable and that has a hard, flat surface, such as a table or a desk. Also make sure to give yourself adequate lighting. Once you're comfortable, you're ready to begin.

Step 1: Looking at the Whole

Take a moment to examine the whole picture. You can use yourself or a willing friend to practice with. A simple smile has a lot of detail that is not limited to the mouth. The cheeks upturn slightly, the eyes may not be facing the camera, eyebrows may be raised, and the nose may be wrinkled. 
It was tricky to do the braids.<br>But thanks for tip
<p>I am just a beginner, only wanted to give it a shot. Here are my first two pieces. I want to get better at realism and shading so tips and criticism are welcomed.</p>
<p>Better views of my 2nd drawing and a little added details.</p>
How'd I do? :)
<p>woah its awsome ur great can u give me some tips plz</p>
tada I love it what do you think
Love it! It is really easy to draw if follow your step. Your instructions were very simple and helped me so much. Thank you!
awesome picked up some extra tips from this while drawing this:
In the step one photo, you look like the Barefoot Bandit. Just a litle. And yes, that's a compliment.
Is that your handsome face in the photo?
Very very well done. I myself have never had much luck drawing faces accurately and I have seen art instruction books that don't come near to breaking it down as well as you. Thanks :)
I agree!
Wow! Thank you! This was so kind of you to share. Very well done! I subscribed to you, and book marked your Instructable. I want to practice over Christmas Holidays. If you are able, I'd love to see other Instructables made by you too. You made a brilliant Instructable. Your art is beautiful.
Thank you! Very detailed description of the painting! Many important details described!<br> <a href="http://art-on-line.com.ua//index.php?lang=en">Gallery of Modern Art</a>
cool love your ible
lovely instructable! thanks so much for posting this; I couldn't explain it half as well.

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