Step 8: The Mouth

A mouth can be drawn in three simple steps. The most important is the line that defines the upper lip and thus defines the smile, frown, or whatever you decide to draw.

Go back to the doodles and pick a mouth you want to draw. Sketch it.

Once you have your mouth outlined, draw two curvilinear lines. The top lip will be convex compared to the mouth you drew, and the bottom lip will be concave. The top lip will have a little dip at the center. 
It was tricky to do the braids.<br>But thanks for tip
<p>I am just a beginner, only wanted to give it a shot. Here are my first two pieces. I want to get better at realism and shading so tips and criticism are welcomed.</p>
<p>Better views of my 2nd drawing and a little added details.</p>
How'd I do? :)
<p>woah its awsome ur great can u give me some tips plz</p>
tada I love it what do you think
Love it! It is really easy to draw if follow your step. Your instructions were very simple and helped me so much. Thank you!
awesome picked up some extra tips from this while drawing this:
In the step one photo, you look like the Barefoot Bandit. Just a litle. And yes, that's a compliment.
Is that your handsome face in the photo?
Very very well done. I myself have never had much luck drawing faces accurately and I have seen art instruction books that don't come near to breaking it down as well as you. Thanks :)
I agree!
Wow! Thank you! This was so kind of you to share. Very well done! I subscribed to you, and book marked your Instructable. I want to practice over Christmas Holidays. If you are able, I'd love to see other Instructables made by you too. You made a brilliant Instructable. Your art is beautiful.
Thank you! Very detailed description of the painting! Many important details described!<br> <a href="http://art-on-line.com.ua//index.php?lang=en">Gallery of Modern Art</a>
cool love your ible
lovely instructable! thanks so much for posting this; I couldn't explain it half as well.

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