Step 5: Let it Sit!

Once all the markering is done and you're happy let your shoes sit for at least a day before you spray/wear them. It lets the colours sink in. I didn't do this and all of my yellow bled like mad and I had to make some changes on the fly.

If you're wondering how the shoes hold up after six months I've got some pics up below of my first pair of shoes as they are now.

Now go forth, wear and enjoy!
Great job! you may say you're 'not an artist' but I think you did great with image placement and details!
That is awesome. Did you have to spend a bit of money on thee shoes or were they pretty cheap?
GKingsley2 years ago
Thanks for this tutorial! I Googled "how to draw on canvas sneakers" and found you. I'm an okay artist but I want to cover my sneakers with characters from the cartoon Yellow Submarine, and like every drawing of cartoon characters I've ever seen, they have to be done carefully if they're going to look right. I really love the "connect the dots" idea - that's how quilters transfer complex stitching designs, but it hadn't occured to me to use it in this project. Hopefully my shoes will come out as good as yours did! I'm planning on using fabric markers - if they don't work out I'll post a warning.

Thanks again!
kmdill3 years ago
LOVE your custom canvas! You did a great job.
You mentioned the waterproofing spray, did you decide to use it to finish?