Step 5: Let It Sit!

Once all the markering is done and you're happy let your shoes sit for at least a day before you spray/wear them. It lets the colours sink in. I didn't do this and all of my yellow bled like mad and I had to make some changes on the fly.

If you're wondering how the shoes hold up after six months I've got some pics up below of my first pair of shoes as they are now.

Now go forth, wear and enjoy!
<p>Hello............my self Subhash from India I have one pair old blue shoe.............</p><p>how can I design it...........? </p>
<p>can I wash the shoe afterwards? if yes what are the washing process</p>
<p>Really cool, thanks!</p>
excellent tutorial and great finished item :-)
Im just starting out doing shoes. I use a combination of permanent ball point pens and sharpies. What should I use to protect the colors from fading.
If you don't mind me asking, what waterproof spray did you use? Also, do you know any close alternatives to the one you used?
<p>wow thx so much for this tutorial</p><p>ive seen a lot and this is definitely the best one</p>
What is the use for waterproof spray?
<p>Is it better to wash the shoes first before drawing? </p>
<p>My shoes were fresh out of the box when I started but if they're older shoes that have been out and about then I would definitely suggest cleaning! However, make sure they're completely dry before drawing or the markers will likely run.</p>
<p>is an adhesive spray okay to use for the waterproof spray?</p>
<p>Well I'm not entirely sure what sort of adhesive spray you have, typically I'd say no. Adhesive spray is designed to stick two things together rather than act as a sealant. </p>
Great job! you may say you're 'not an artist' but I think you did great with image placement and details!
That is awesome. Did you have to spend a bit of money on thee shoes or were they pretty cheap?
They were about 20 dollars, so not bad at all. i switch it up too much to spend money!
YOUR shoes are awsome. You say you are not an artist but you are indeed a &quot;designer&quot; which is a type of artist ........cool idea.......make more.
Very nicely done! Nothing like a one of a kind product!
Thanks for this tutorial! I Googled &quot;how to draw on canvas sneakers&quot; and found you. I'm an okay artist but I want to cover my sneakers with characters from the cartoon Yellow Submarine, and like every drawing of cartoon characters I've ever seen, they have to be done carefully if they're going to look right. I really love the &quot;connect the dots&quot; idea - that's how quilters transfer complex stitching designs, but it hadn't occured to me to use it in this project. Hopefully my shoes will come out as good as yours did! I'm planning on using fabric markers - if they don't work out I'll post a warning. <br> <br>Thanks again!
I love your shoes so much! <br> <br>I really want to make some of my own but I can NOT draw at all and I am afraid I will ruin the shoes. Do you have any advice for me? Would paint work as good as the markers?
I'd definitely stick to the tracing/cut out method. You're going to at least get something close. When i first tried I thought the same thing so I bought cheaper shoes that I wouldn't feel bad about potentially destroying. You could always stick to a simpler design too. But just have confidence go for! <br>I've never used paint personally but i've seen ones where it worked out. I have a friend who did a TARDIS pair with paint and they looked great! <br>However I fail with a paintbrush, but go for it!
Okay thank you so much. I know what I will be doing in my school holidays now. I will have a go and see what they look like. I can complete mess them up. <br>I have seen some others with paint but I fail with painbrushes too. I might just stick with markers. Thank you again for your help.
Wow! Whenever I draw on my shoes or shirt with fabric marker the line always tends to leak a little and I get a really uneven line.... :(
Certain markers run more than others even these had some run. You've just got to compensate. I find the faster you move and the lighter you press the less the ink ran. As for the uneven I have two points. You notice way more problems yourself than anyone else will. There are parts on these that always bother me because i know i did them wrong. Secondly people are seeing them from a distance so unless it's really really bad or their nose is up against your shoe they're not going to notice/care. <br>Keep trying!
I'd like some clarification, I don't have a job at the time and i really need some source of income. If I start customizing sneakers is it legal to draw popular characters on them? I see it all the time but I'm not sure what would be considered copyright infringement...any suggestions or advice because I plan to sell the shoes, no matter what i end up drawing/painting . Thanks
This is tricky and in all honestly i don't actually know. I've been asked to do commisioned and although I would love to I hesitated only because I didn't know the legalities. <br>I doubt if it's just one or two things that anyone's going to come after you. People claim to get away with it because they're getting paid for their time and not the image. Technically my guess would be that it's illegal but in terms of superheroes you do see all sorts of artists selling work of copyrighted characters. <br>The moral is I really don't know. You'd probably be fine unless you started selling a lot. But I don't know, sorry... If you find out let me know though!
I love these! They look so bright and colorful! I think I'm going to do this now, but instead of Justice League characters, I'm going to use Nintendo characters instead.<br>Also, I love how well-documented this process is! Just about anyone can take these instructions and make an awesome pair of shoes. :)
Nintendo, also an excellent choice!
Why don't you just use a pair of white vans? they're WAY better than what you're using and so much better than converse!
Excellent point, I'll probably look into that before I start again. The last couple of times I've been so excited that I just grabbed the first pair of white shoes I could find.
LOVE your custom canvas! You did a great job. <br>You mentioned the waterproofing spray, did you decide to use it to finish?
I did. I end up walking through alot of mud so the spray helps me clean them later. But if you are going to spray them MAKE SURE you let the colours 'sink' in a little first or else you'll have some problems with running.
I'm an artist, but I'm not going to kill you. :) I think this is a fantastic and well written instructable for any individual no matter how high or low their skill level. I'm going to make myself a pair once I find some white shoes and I promise to post what I come up with. Well done!
I look forward to seeing them!
I will for sure show you I put an order in for some canvas shoes. I'm excited because I will also be doing super heroes, it will match my apron I used in my classroom. :)
I agree with poofrabbit :) Im gonna make these once I get the permanent markers. <br>Plain white converse, prepare to become colorful!

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