Introduction: How to Draw (Plants Vs Zombies) Zombie Sitting in a Pumpkin.

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Plants vs Zombies halloween drawing.

Step 1: Draw the Pumpkin

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Start by drawing the edges of the pumpkin. Add the back of the pumpkin, and lines on the front.

Step 2: Jack-o-Lantern

Picture of Jack-o-Lantern

Draw the Jack-o-lantern face and add lines to make it look 3d.

Step 3: The Zombie

Picture of The Zombie

Start drawing the outlne of the zombie's head. Add the teeth, nose, and eyes. Shade around its eyes and draw the pumpkin lid on its head.

Step 4: Zombie's Clothes

Picture of Zombie's Clothes

Draw the zombie's jacket and tie. Add stripes to the tie, and draw the shirt collar.

Step 5: Background

Picture of Background

Draw a fence behind the zombie. The plants vs zombies fence is not perfectly straight in the game.

Step 6: Add Color

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