Step 3: Outline: Body and Legs

*First start drawing the collar,keeping it simple, draw squares that flare out on the end. Make sure you make both sides even so the part that buttons up is dead center down the face and leave a space to draw the tie.

*Draw a circle for where the tie folds in between the collar. Start drawing down and a little bit out ,then bring it in to finish it off (the whole tie is not going to be drawn because the suit is going to be buttoned up).

*To draw the button up part, start at the bottom outside end. Make it curve up some to give it a bit of detail. When the lines meet up, make the right line go over the left to draw the part that folds outwards.

*For the shoulders start at the same bottom outside point of the collar. Draw this line very straight to give him a slimmer/ fancy look.

*Draw the arms coming out at an angle to give him a look like his arms are stretched out like he is going for a hug, on this part you can either have is arms at full existent going off the page (which is what i did) or you can have his (its) arms at normal length. 

*For the body  start drawing the line pointing where the tip of the shoulder is and make it curve in to give him  a tall lengthy look and bring them back out about to the same width from when you start. make this part long like hes extending out wards. 

*The legs are simple,draw the outline of the legs going out at an angle and draw a line in the middle  to make it seem like his legs are relatively closed, draw this line short and lower so it seems like hes stretching outwards. 

*To finish up bring the center line down to connect the suit.
add "NO NO NO NO NO" on the his extra "arms's" for that horror effect
<p>i did</p>
yea lol, i could have done a lot more to this but i felt content with this
<p>IF you want to do the background in black, get a block of charcol or a charcol pencil and color lightly</p>
<p>done 3 days my birthday</p>
<p>I had a nice time attempting to draw this. It's a good tutorial.</p>
I wish slender man was real and Jeff the killer. :/
They actually are i have seen prove off slendy. I saw him stalking a woman.
<p>thx for this I made my own</p>
<p>It's still a good drawing.</p>
<p>Nice job. I don't mean to offend, but I hate Slenderman because he is a ripoff of Nergal from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Except Nergal has a face. He looks like a demon(which I.. guess he is) with the ghost's curl on the back of his head. But he even has tentacles like Slenderman! I DETECT A RIPOFF!!!</p>
<p>Im Nine and i did this it kinda took a while cause you know im a kid but i think i did pretty good i put it up in my brotheres horw game drawing website he thought it was nice It was a nice Tartaruil I CANT SPELL</p>
<p>Cool. Slenderman is such a dip and- AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!! IT'S SLENDERMAN!!!! NOOOOO!!!</p>
<p>I did it and even added &quot;NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO&quot; between all the arms. I love this tutorial, it's so simple.</p>
i did it and i am only 9
That's good :) i was trying to make it simplistic so people new to drawing could understand
i like it!
thanks :D im glad to hear that
OMG! I was reading a documentry about him earlier!
where at? im interested lol
<u><a href="#" rel="nofollow"><sup>#</sup></a>Over here!</u><br>
didnt do anything? got a url?
<a href="http://urbanlegendsonline.com/the-slender-man/" rel="nofollow">http://urbanlegendsonline.com/the-slender-man/</a>
Thanks :D ill be sure to read it :D
http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/1769/derritter.jpg <br> <br> <br>im thinking about drawing this one also an putting it into the drawing contest on here.
That's creepy.
yea it is lol
I'm gonna carve it on to wood.
lol that would be pretty hard XD you could turn it into a instructable is your serious
Yes, I have some really soft wood, an awl, a printer and a really&nbsp;<sub>tiny&nbsp;</sub>screw driver, so it may work. Maybe it could be a stamp...
thats tight man o.o cant wait to see it, i would be very interested in that :D

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