How to Draw Madusa's Head!!!




Introduction: How to Draw Madusa's Head!!!

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  This instrutable will teach you how to draw a Madusa's head. It sounds hard, but its pretty easy once you learn. :D

Step 1: Lets Get Started!

  First start the face of the head. Start with a simple, long face. If that was not helpful then just try to copy the picture.

Step 2: Your at a Good Start!

  Next, draw eyes, mouth, nose, and eye brows. Copy the picture below.

Step 3: Now Get Ready!

  Ugh! This the hardest part and longest. Drawing the snakes. Draw them waving around. Make them any kind of snake (cobra, rattler, garden, etc.). Copy the drawing below.

Step 4: Hang on There!

  Finally, if you want, add a neck and shoulders or add a neck (I made it look like it was cut off). Copy the picture below (if you want). After, your DONE!!! If your wondering, if I'm so amituric, I'm not the best artist in the world!!! :D



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    I made it but I cant take a picture

    Thanx! I haven't checked the contest.

    Do you like nerf guns?

    So you have some? If you do then which one's?

    No. I lost them a little while ago.

    Oh. Well, that stinks. What DID you have a little while ago?

    Oh well. Where do you live? Or is that too personal.

    I live in California

    Great drawing! I hate to be so picky, but Medusa isn't a titan, she's a gorgon.

    1 reply

    Oh! Thanx for telling me! Nobody is perfect! :)

    You have an awesome style of drawing! I can just imagine this drawing colored! It would be awesome!

    3 replies

    Thanx! I don't have any color pencils, crayons, or paint.

    I voted for this! :D