Introduction: How to Draw a Hand

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This is a simple way to draw hands, hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Wrist and Palm

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Start by drawing a circle for the palm, even uou won't see it in this drawing. Next, draw 2 lines on the top sides for the wrist.

Step 2: Pointer Finger and Thumb

Picture of Pointer Finger and Thumb

Draw 2 trapezoids like the ones in the picture, then draw a semi circle connecting with the trapezoid. For the thumb, draw a rectangle to the right of the pointer finger, then draw another semi circle, but larger.

Step 3: The Rest of the Fingers

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Next draw a couple more trapezoids like for the pointer finger then draw a semicircle for each finger. Follow exactly like the image.

Step 4: Erase and Outline

Picture of Erase and Outline

Outline each finger and wrist then erase all the inside lines.

Step 5: Detail

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Add lines on the knuckles to show the wrinkles that are there then add the fingernail on the fingertips. After that, you're done!


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-07-09

Great instructable. We need more art tutorials on this site.

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