How to Draw a Lineless Illustration on SAI Painter (or any other paint program)

Picture of How to Draw a Lineless Illustration on SAI Painter (or any other paint program)
In this instructable I'll show you how to draw a lineless illustration. This is a really great style and is easier than it looks.

First off, you'll need the following:
- SAI Painter (or any other paint program)
- A digital drawing tablet of some sort. I used the Wacom Cintiq 12WX.
- A computer
- Patience
- A comfy working space

If you have everything, lets get started!
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Step 1: Sketch Your Drawing

Picture of Sketch Your Drawing
Your first step is to sketch out your drawing.
I usually use a light blue for my pen color.

Step 2: Ink Your Sketch!

Picture of Ink Your Sketch!
I know this is going to sound like a step backwards from where you want to be, but in my opinion, the easiest way for me to make a lineless illustration is to...well...line it! The lines act like guides for your drawing, and will also help you know where to shade things in later!

So step two, open up a new layer above your sketch layer, and rename it "ink". Now line your sketch with a dark color. I always use black.

Step 3: Hiding Layers

Picture of Hiding Layers
Now for step 3, you're going to have to get really used to hiding and un-hiding layers. Go ahead and hide your sketch layer, and only show your ink layer.

Step 4: Create a Color Palate

Picture of Create a Color Palate
A color palate is a very convenient thing you can do for yourself, just in general.

So go ahead and create a new layer called color palate.
For EVERY part of a character that has a different color, make a palate.

Then, make one "general" palate with your base colors.

Step 5: Color Your Characters

Picture of Color Your Characters
Now things can start to get a little confusing.

You're going to need to create a new layer for each different color section of a character. For example, a "skin" layer, "hair", "shirt", etc.

Use the colors you picked for your base colors.