Picture of How to Draw a Wave
Today Im going to teach you how to draw a simple wave. All you need is a piece of paper, a pen or pencil, and some colored pencils (optional).
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Step 1:

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1. Pencil
2. Paper
3. Colored Pencils  

Step 2:

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First, draw the crest of the wave; one line with a dip in it. Your wave can crash to the left (opposite of the one here) or into the middle (just draw the line with a dip in the middle).

Step 3:

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Next draw the "C'' shaped lines under one side of the crest to make the face of the wave curve.

Step 4:

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Then draw the white wash and foam crushing down on the water.

Step 5:

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Now draw the top of the wave folding over by drawing a simple curved line.

Step 6:

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 Draw in the finishing details... be creative!

Step 7:

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Finally, color in your masterpiece and your done! 
Mrs Henchy10 months ago

I love it! I can paint a wave but drawing it is more difficult! Thanks.

fridarosek2 years ago
I really liked your wave. I've never been able to draw one before :)