Introduction: How to Draw the Impossible Triangle

The impossible Triangle is one of the best optical illusion I have ever seen. The fact the corners don't seem to join plays havoc with my brain and means it can't exist off of paper. Drawing it is surprisingly easy as it only requires you to draw several lines and once you have draw it you will be proud to say "I drew this" to freinds and family as they gorp at your creation. Trust me.

Step 1: Equipment You Will Need.

For this drawing you will need a pencil ( I recommend a HB one), a pen ( I used a black marker. the pen will be used near the end for detailing), an A4 sheet of paper, a ruler and finally a rubber.

Step 2: Starting the Drawing

The first thing to do to start this mind-trickery is to draw an equilateral triangle in the centre of your paper. This will eventually be the biggest and furthest from the centre out of three of the triangles you will eventually draw. Like at the start of a drawing remember not to press to hard down on the pencil just in case you go wrong and need to rub out. Still following? Great news.

Step 3: Creating the Medium Sized Triangle

Now, draw three more lines inside the big triangle we created in the previous step. These lines should be a set distance from the edge of the big triangle and at the end you will have diamond shapes at the corners of the big triangle. You will now have a medium sized triangle inside the big triangle.

Step 4: Creating the Smallest Triangle

Next, repeat step three . This will give you a small triangle that is the the triangle closest to the centre of the page. You can work from the outside in to find these three triangles. You should now have double diamonds in the corners of the biggest triangle.

Step 5: Adding Pen Detail

You are now going to pen in the big triangle and the small triangle. Just remember that when penning in the big triangle, DON'T go around the points of the corners, flatten them off.

Step 6: Creating the 'impossible' Effect

Now comes the hardest part of the drawing. You are going to draw three L-shapes to get from the corners of the big triangle to the corners of the small triangle. This will leave you with a three dimensional shape.Now can now rub of any left over pencil marks (when the pen is dry) to finish the 3D effect or in other words the 'impossible' effect.

Step 7: Finishing With Shading

To top it all of we are going to add some shading , this is not compulsory but the drawing looks much better with shading on it. There will be three point in which you shade. These places are at the end off the flattened edges. You are now done! Like I said at the start it's fairly simple yet super effective and now you have a great drawing for people to look at and simply say wow. Lots of people today say they can't draw yet I think that it comes down to practice and self belief; this drawing is a fantastic way to both practice and unlock that extra bit of self belief everybody has which is why it is so great. Well Done and I hope you will join me on my instructables journey to create.


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