How to Drill a Hole in a Glass Bottle





Introduction: How to Drill a Hole in a Glass Bottle

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In this Instructable, we look at a way to drill a hole in a glass bottle.

The procedure is fast, simple and effective.

What's needed:

Diamond core coated drill bits are great for drilling glass bottles.

You will need a cordless drill. Cordless for your own safety - in case you drop it in the water.

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Step 1:

Bottles are slippery, so it can be challenging to drill a hole in exact point you want without scratching the bottle.

Melt the Instamorph and wrap it half way around the bottle.

Step 2:

When Instamorph has cooled down, drill a hole in it with a drill bit you are planning to use for the bottle.

Step 3:

Cover the bottle with water.

Put your Instamorph plastic guide on the bottle.

Now you can drill a hole in the point you want.

You can also use the guide to mark the bottle. Drill a little bit and then take off the guide.

Continue drilling without it to see the hole better.

How fast should you drill?

That depends. I keep changing the speed depending on how it feels.

After drilling so many bottles, you know when to slow down or go faster.

It's a good idea to practice on a bottle that is not too fancy.



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    Awesome and very neatly done!

    Make sure you have a spray water bottle when you do this. Heat and glass are not good friends! Spray plenty of water when using these type of bits.

    What all is needed (tool wise) to make a circular hole in a quart size mason jar?The hole will be approximately 2" above the bottom of jar, and needs to be big enough to run a small string of Christmas lights thru.

    Thank You in advance...

    1 reply

    You will need a bit somewhere between 12 and 20mm (1/2" to 4/5") depending on the light string used. Instamorph is a nice trick, but not necessary - just start drilling with one edge of the bit, at an angle of about 45 degrees or so. The drill bit will want to run away, so expect that.

    Something soft to put under to stabilize the bottle will be very useful too.

    Did I ever tell you your Awesome? If id didn't well here I say it now your Awesome.

    Very cool idea.

    Does the cut out portion remain in the bottle, or can it be removed?

    3 replies

    Sometimes the core remains in the bit where they need to be forced out, when they do fall back into the bottle, since they are a smaller diameter than the hole you just drilled because of the wall thickness of the bit they can easily be removed via same hole.

    If you turn the bottle upside down, any bits will fall out.

    That's exactly what I was going to say :)

    I got nothing to Add.

    I use a container with water covering the bottle and use towels to hold the bottle in place.

    Hi, Its brilliant. Clean holes My dear, I'm also struggling with cutting a coke bottle vertically as shown in the illustration below. 2 identical halves, top to bottom. Please help if you can.

    9 replies

    scratch a line in the length of the bottle on all sides, where it should crac. u can use a fixed glasscutter, and a rail 2 slide the bottle up n down. take two-second-glue, and glue a cord along the scratch, then use lighterfluid to soak the cord. put the bottle upside down, light the cord, and when it starts to turn black, put it in a bucket of water. a combo of following techniques:

    Try googling a diamond hoop saw, or diamond ring saw, context is glass cutting.

    Thank you DIY-Guy for the tip and video. Amazing.

    You might want to consider the fire/string method that is sometimes used to cut glass. Basically find a way to heat a vertical line on both sides of the bottle, then quench it in cold water and the glass will crack along the heated portion in a nice line due to internal thermal expansion forces.

    I have never done it myself, but I would try a diamond band saw.

    ok. If you ever post. And since we are at it, I have another issue - cutting a high heel shoe into 2 identical halves. Tried many methods, nothing worked. If you have an answer, please let me know. Love your hacks.


    I would try a band saw. Create a jig to hold the shoe steady and slowly feed it through the saw. Good luck.

    If I had to cut a high heel shoe in half I would use heavy duty double sided tape and place it on a plank or bit of plywood and then put a plastic bag (perhaps the cling film might do) in the shoe and fill that with expanding foam intended for use with window's and door jams. When the foam was finished expanding, I'd stroll over to my band saw (making certain I had a clean blade) and have at it after I had made the appropriate adjustments to the fence and marking the center line on the shoe and wood. Use a blade with smaller teeth for a nicer cut

    You need access to a water jet to do that.