Introduction: How to Dry Lavender

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We all love lavender and its scent, so here's how to capture and dry it for various uses as fragrance, decoration, oil, homeopathic medicine, baking/foods, etc. This method is straightforward and minimal effort, as most things should be. It takes about 10 minutes of work and about a week of waiting, so it's super easy and simple!

Step 1: Cut the Lavender

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Cut the flowers:

In the morning (when most moisture and oils are in the flowers, leaves)

While or before full bloom (to capture all the oils)

Cut the longest section of stem, to the first leaves

Use a sharp knife or garden clippers

I measure by bunches, which fit into my hand easily.

Step 2: Bunch and Tie Off

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Take one handful of lavender and tie it together near the base. Use twine, rubber band, or any string you have around to bunch the lavender together.

Step 3: Dry

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Hang the bunches in a cool, dark place away from sun and moisture. While it's faster to dry in the sun or an over, this can evaporate off many of the oils that characterizes nice and strong smelling lavender. Hang for a week or more, and then it's dried and ready for use!

Step 4: Enjoy!

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Your dried lavender is smelling good and ready to be used as you please. Freshen the air in your house, add to muffins or cooking, make oils, add as decoration. Now you know how to easily and almost passively prepare lavender for your own use!


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