Picture of How to Dye Noodles--the Crafting and Edible Version!!!
Dyeing dry noodles for art collages, stringing awesome necklaces, or sorting by color is a breeze! Go back to kindergarten with this easy project.

*Note: This new recipe allows noodles to be used for craft projects, or technicolored meals!* Check out my blog, www.thehandmadeproject.com for more crafty tidbits.

Step 1: Take one willing two-year-old and post them next to you in the kitchen.

Picture of Take one willing two-year-old and post them next to you in the kitchen.
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no, it has rubbing alchohol
I think it would be a good addition to note that these are not for eating. Not everyone knows isopropyl alcohol is terrible for you. It turns into formaldehyde when ingested for anyone who's curious.
tracidraw (author)  carpespasm6 years ago
Agreed, but ??? It's a craft project. The warning has been added
I agree that the warning shouldn't be needed since it's in the craft section, but I could also see someone reading this, making noodles, and winding up mad because they got sick from it. The noodles are cool though. Maybe substituting a high-proof drinking alcohol instead and making rainbow pasta salad....
tracidraw (author)  carpespasm6 years ago
Now that would be cool...but for adults only ;)
tracidraw (author)  tracidraw6 years ago
I'm really not trying to poison anyone. Please, please use a little less than one teaspoon per baggie. I looked it up and if a kiddo happens to munch on a noodle, they should be fine--if a person consumes enough rubbing alcohol that they can swallow it, then we need to be concerned. Best and best, Traci
Right and right. I would suspect that the amount needed here wouldn't cause any real damage. Heck it's probably less nastiness for you than the amount of formaldehyde in a diet cola that's gone bad (no joke) Just figured I'd point it out in the interest of overreacting to unlikely and probably not too dangerous scenarios. My bad.
i know formaldehyde is bad for you but it is very tasty! :-D
tracidraw (author)  garden burger6 years ago
lol! Mmm...formaldehyde. (Kids, please do not try this at home.)
i usually start my day with a nice big cup of formaldehyde
Something tells me you won't be starting too many days then. You should probably switch to rubbing alcohol too. Turns to formaldehyde in your stomach and is much cheaper. There's probably a flavor difference though.
Oh, and wow guys, can we please get off this subject? This is supposed to be about a craft for little kids! I'm starting to feel bad tainting this comment thread with such dark humor.
Humor? lol
tracidraw (author)  garden burger6 years ago
I'm waiting for someone to send me a great pic with their colored noodle necklaces. Garden burger, please stop drinking the rubbing alcohol and get to crafting! ;)
Awww........... okay
okay, I just dyed mine and am waiting for them to dry! mine are really inedible because i used tiedye instead of food coloring!
tracidraw (author)  garden burger6 years ago
Yay! Please don't eat them. :D
No, the alcohol would burn off, methinks...
I loved these! :) I made an instructable for edible colored noodles at http://www.instructables.com/id/Colored_noodles_for_eating/

Maybe the 2-yearold cutie would like that? :3
tracidraw (author)  caturday_projects6 years ago
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