Step 7: Another Pair With the Same Recipe

My original purple shoes wore out, so I did another pair using approximately the same formulation: 5 boxes of purple RIT dye in 4 gallons of water; heat the water to 55 C, turn off heat; submerge the shoes for 12 hours. Check out the before and after pictures.
jrn116 years ago
wow those look really fantastic. unfortunately i mostly want to die the canvas on mine & it looks like you were dying the mesh, which I bet takes the color easier. but still great job. ps- i just colored mine with a gray fabric marker and now they simply look dirty so i recommend against that.
gregr jrn114 years ago
Cotton canvas shoes should take the dye better than the synthetic shoes that this instructable is dying.
schkip19736 years ago
a great way to die your shoes pink is to put them in the washing machine with non colourfast show liners or tshirts. this is what happened to my dunlop volleys. By the way the Dunlop Volley is arguably the best shoe design in the world.
awesome!!! My shoes already are purple, though :'( So instead I splattered them with orange paint (by accident) :D