How to EASILY Gain Access to All Accounts on a School Pc





Introduction: How to EASILY Gain Access to All Accounts on a School Pc

In this instructable you will learn how to very easily use any account on a school pc. No extra files will be needed. All you need is a good amount of time and the computer itself. WARNING: I am not responsible for any harm you may cause to your pc if you do not follow these steps correctly.

Step 1: Gaining Access to Command Prompt

The first thing you will need to do is restart your computer. Once the computer is turning back on, you need to turn it off once it reaches the black screen with the load bar at the bottom (starting windows). Now your computer should be completely off.

Step 2: Gaining Access to Command Prompt Continued

Turn the computer back on and when it reaches the screen where it asks you whether to launch startup repair or start normally, choose launch startup repair. There will be a window that comes up and says "do you want to restore your computer using system restore" you want to click the cancel button. Now your computer is going to attempt repairs. This part could take 5-20 minutes.

Step 3: Gaining Access to the Command Prompt Continued

Once done attempting repairs, a screen will come up and you want to cancel out of it. Click on "show problem details." Now there should be a box with a scroll feature in the original window. You want to scroll down to the very bottom link and click on that link at the very bottom. This should bring up notepad.

Step 4: Gaining Access to the Command Prompt Continued

Once in Notepad, go to file and then open. Double click your local disk. Now follow these next directions very carefully.

Step 5: Gaining Access to the Command Prompt Continued

Go to Windows then System32. Once in system 32, click on "files of type" in the middle box at the bottom of the window and select "All files." Now scroll down and find "cmd" then make a copy of it. You should get a file named "cmd - copy" or something similar.

Step 6: Gaining Access to the Command Prompt Continued

Now find the file "sethc" in the same folder. This file is for sticky keys. Rename it to "sethc 1." Then find your "cmd - copy" and rename it to "sethc." Now you can close notepad and hit "finish" to shut down your pc or just restart it manually.

Step 7: Bringing Up Command Prompt

Once you get back to the login screen where it says "control + alt + del" press "shift" 5 times to open up command prompt.

Step 8: Finding the Admin Account

Once in command prompt, type "net localgroup administrators" and look for any admin that doesn't have your school domain in front of it. This is the username for the admin account.

Step 9: Changing the Password

Type "net user account name *" and then type the new password twice. It won't show that your typing but it is registering your keystrokes. Now you can log in to your admin account! Note: if the account is disabled, type "account name /active:yes" which will activate the account. Once again please be careful with this power, be smart. I am not responsible for any mistakes or damages to the computer or accounts. Do at your own risk!



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    Most schools will have this thought through. You will most likely get access denied (5) with this method.

    Very nice tutorial, but you could have just normally ogged onto the computer, made a batch file with the same commands,and still have gotten the passwords.