How to EASY Find a Hole in a Flat Tire





Introduction: How to EASY Find a Hole in a Flat Tire

If you have a flat tire, it can be difficult to find the hole.

Put the tire into a bucket of warm water, and inflate it.

Step 1: Locating the Hole

Now you can see where the hole is, and this saves you allot of time and effort.

Step 2: Now to the Repairing

Use some sandpaper something else, to make the rubber a bit rough, so the glue can stick to it.

Step 3: A Bucketload of Glue

Use allot of glue, and stick it together. Now massage out the air bubbles from the middle.

Step 4: Check It and Use It

The orange part should be smooth, or else, you can just use some extra glue.



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    This is the standard way to fix a flat tire. I am waiting your "easy" way.

    There is no easier way, but i made this to share the water-trick, which can save people a lot of time and effort, and i just though i would show a complete tutorial, though glueing a seal is common knowledge.

    Well, I would clap your instructable if its name were

    How to fix a flat tire

    but it is indeed an easier way to find a hole, but i could not call it "how to easy find a hole", cause i wanted to make the whole instructable. So you see my dilemma? ;)

    Please, say no more, Malthe.

    I just wanted to help. Good by.

    I have changed it now :)
    The other message was for biftek, not you.

    water trick ? what trick , this is the way it has been done since day dot

    yeah, maybe for you, but not for everybody.

    Just let it be here, or report it, if it such a huge problem for you.

    Good tip for people who have not done it before. but I was also looking for osme sort of alternate quick way to fix a flat beyond how you are supposed to do it as per the tire patch instructions. The only problem I see is when it's a tubeless tire and you have trouble finding a container large enough to submerge the tire into when it's inflated. A quick way to find the hole in that case is to get some liquid soap (dish soap works great), put some into a cup with small amount of water. Pouring this on the tire will cause it to create visible bubbles at the point of the leak. Another good idea is to over inflate the tire a little to make the air leak out with more force to make it easier to locate *You may even just be able to hear it leaking and find the hole that way. Just don't over, over-inflate it and blow the tire up.