We see them, we wan't them, but how exactly do we GET them? turns out they need to be earned. I've spent a bit of time looking for some guide on this, but haven't found anything that clearly explains how to Get these achievement things. I'm sure it's self explanatory to some, but I'll explain my findings here (let me know If I've misunderstood anything and I'll correct it here).

These are my findings on the 21st of September in the year 2014

Step 1: Featured Achievements

The featured achievements are for those whose instructable becomes "featured" on the instructables website. The only ones I know who can "feature" your instructable are those who Work for instructables. If you really want to get more featured instructables, consider making them your target audience (marketing 101). Look through past featured instructables to find who they were featured by and create a quality, original instructable that this person might be interested in.

If you're not too worried about it then just make good quality instructables that you enjoy, and when one of these editors think "What a great instructable" you'll have it! (maybe create an instructable you see a need for cough cough).

Here are the different levels of this achievement you can aim for:

Bronze- get a minimum one instructable featured - 1+

Silver- get a minimum ten instructables featured - 10+

Gold- get a minimum one hundred instructables featured - 100+

I'm not sure how easy It is to actually get one featured, but I imagine if you figure out how to make great instructables you'll have nothing to worry about.

*Update: Thanks to the editors for making this my first featured instructable. I've added some pics, they contacted me via instructables inbox, and as buck2217 pointed out in the comments, for being featured a reward was given in the form of 3 months pro membership. To make a Featured instructable means you have created something the editors would like to represent their website as a first impression to visitors.

Step 2: Viewing Achievements

At first I thought these were for profile views, though I realized instructables doesn't show profile views (this isn't facebook guys). I discovered that the little view icon on a profile page is the equivalent of all the views of all of the instructables made. In the example shown, you can see that adding the views of all three instructables gives you the total overall views. eg. 894 + 2,797 + 485 = 4,176 total views. In this example, instructables has rounded 2,797 to 2.8K in the preview icon, but clicking on the instructable will show you the actual number of views (and in some cases will count another view for looking at it).

So now that we know what these views are, we just need to get them. Here's the three levels available right now:

Bronze- get a minimum ten thousand views - 10K+

Silver- get a minimum one million views - 1M+

Gold- get a minimum ten million views - 10M+

The best way to get views is to make good quality instructables that others want to see, the more you make the more people will have to view.

Step 3: Comment Achievements

Probably the easiest achievements to earn, because they are all dependent on you! You don't even need to make an instructable to get these ones. What is considered a comment? At the end of every instructable there is a comment section. This is where you as an individual may post something for others to see, preferably relating to the instructable above. Every one of these counts as a comment. In addition, you have the ability to leave a reply on someone elses comment. I'm told that these also count as comments. *Orange boards do NOT add to your comment count.

Commenting is really easy. Last night someone commented on my newly published instructable, I got really excited, until I noticed they have been commenting on most new instructables that had been published. It's really that easy, just post a comment on every instructable you look at and you'll rack them up in no time flat.

Comments (in my opinion) should be a contribution to the topic or instructable at hand. Examples of a good comment: great use of materials; that seems redundant, could you explain why....; I would have never thought of that. Examples of a bad comment: That was stupid; Check out my website at spam.spamlicousmalware.con; I like kittens (the instructable has nothing to do with kittens); I just farted.

The Instructables website also has a "nice comment policy" which I have never read, but assume relates to the name of said policy.

Below, the different levels of this achievement:

Bronze - make a minimum of one hundred comments - 100+

Silver - make a minimum of five hundred comments - 500+

Gold- make a minimum of one thousand comments - 1k+

Step 4: Conclusion

In conclusion, It seems that the best way to earn these achievements is to make instructables of good quality and communicate with other makers through commenting.

I hope this helps a lot of you better understand these achievements, It took a surprising amount of time to figure them out for myself.

Cheers! and don't forget to post a comment below so you can earn your next achievement!

<p>Just for info, you generally get a 3 month pro subscription for a featured instructible, and a year for a contest prize winner (I am currently at 2 years( 4 featured and 1 prize from 11 ibles)</p>
<p>oh, this is good to know! :) thanks</p>
<p>That's great to know, They Just featured this one and another one of mine, Though I haven't received any pro sub for them yet, I'll keep my eye out for it. Theoretically you could stay pro just from instructible contributions then.</p>
<p>I am now at 3.5 years pro having already had 12 months and not had to shell out once ! RESULT</p>
<p>haha i am i a similair situation!! </p><p>they gave me a 3mnth free pro membership, and 1/2 are year later ts still there:):)</p>
<p>You also get a 1 year pro membership if you get featured to the home page!<br><br>I think I have racked up about 12 years of free memberships, so i typically give away the 3 months one to new people who make something really cool, or people who replicate one of my projects.</p>
<p>Thanks! Just what I was looking for :</p>
Good to know
<p>great, I was looking exactly for this info! :)</p><p>thanks</p>
<p>I think you could also make an additional side note in step one to describe what the advantages of having a pro-membership are...maybe it is a bit off-topic since this Instructable is mainly about the achievements but you have already noted about this instructable being featured, receiving pro-membership, so maybe someone new to the Instructables community would be curious why it is advantageous to be featured in this way beyond the status of &quot;achievement&quot;. Great Instructable though...Instructables should have done something like this in the first place!</p>
Thanks for info :)
Thanks for sharing this. I wondered how many 'tasks' were required to get a medal.<br>I guess my 'comments' medal will be a long time coming because I'd rather leave a quality comment that a comment for medal sake
<p>Cool, this (seriously) is what I wanted to know, the amount you need to get a medal.And this comment can be for adding more comments for a silver comment achievement lol.</p>
<p>how to give free pro membership.Since i dont find it useful anyway ?</p>
<p>When you are awarded a complimentary PRO membership, you are given a code to redeem on the website. If you don't want it, you can send the code to someone you feel is worthy/deserving.</p>
<p>MY QUESTION STILL REMAINS.How to send those?</p>
<p>Sorry, I misunderstood your question the first time. You can send the code to another user by sending them a message.</p><p>Click on the member's name. You'll be taken to the member's profile. Right under their profile picture is a &quot;Message&quot; button. Just <br>click it.</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
Really informative...☺☺
<p>very helpful, thank you :-)</p>
<p>This Instructable was useful. Thank you for taking the time to post it.</p><p>The very best. </p>
<p>good job. i have been commenting a lot</p>
Thanks! I only have 2 instrucables featured :P gotta keep going! Also woth comments
<p>well presented!</p>
<p>Thus the &quot;Featured Achievement&quot; include the total number of Featured Instructables + Featured collections?</p>
<p>I'm pleased they added this feature. I started in 2009 and the site has grown a lot since then. Achievements will definitely encourage a higher level of activity. Thanks for the Instructable!</p>
<p>Thank you for this instructable! I have been looking for a list of the requirements for each achievement, and I just found this one! This really helped!</p>
<p>Thanks for this Instructable, I've been looking for this.</p>
Thanks for putting the achievment info in one place. This instructable had the info I was looking for!
So other than bragging rights, is there any benefit or reward from reaching the medal milestones?
I'm new to Instructables this really helped!
<p>This instructable is very useful to me</p>
Great instructable
<p>Great! thank you :D</p>
<p>Thanks this really helped!!!!</p>
<p>Very nice!</p>
<p>Very Helpful thanks :)</p>
<p>Buy the way another achievement you can shoot for if you want is :</p><p>Across the top of your profile just after the date you joined there are 3 other symbols. The first is for the total number of page views you have gotten. The second is the PERCENTAGE of featured instructables you have. If you have only made 2 instructables and one was featured you would be at 50%. I just recently published 2 new ones, one was featured one was not and my percentage dropped from 70 % to 68%. Its all math. The final number is for the percentage of best answers that you have earned. When you answer questions for people, those responses are tallied. If your answer gets picked as the best answer then that is represented by the percentage listed. If you answered 10 questions and one was picked as best answer then you would have a 10% in that field. I have close to 200 best answers now but I am at only 11% . Part of the problem there is that so many people never bother to mark a question as answered that many that have given good advice never get credit for it. </p>
<p>That is good to know as well. Thanks, Vyger!</p>
<p>I was womdering what all those things were. Thanks for the education.</p>
I tried to find this stuff out after being on for a little while but nothing was available. Glad I searched for it again and found this. Thanks for putting it together.
Brilliant Instructable! I didn't even know that there were achievements until I read your Instructable!
<p>Thanks for this fine 'ible RbotJ! (I was actually referred to this BY Instructables staff when I asked about the&quot; achievement&quot; awards policy, so I guess this is their &quot;gold standard&quot; White Paper;-)</p><p>Seems odd that you only need 1 featured 'ible for a bronze, but 100+ for a gold... Same for views; Only 10K for a bronze and then you have to get 990,000 more views to reach silver?</p><p>These milestones seem skewed to me, but I know you didn't write the rules;-) Thanks for explaining them so clearly!</p>
Can an instructables be futured more than one time?
<p>Nope, just the once.</p>
<p>I've ben wanting to know this for EVER</p>
<p>Is it 10 or 25 featured instructables for silver?</p>
<p>It's addressed in the featured section.</p>

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