Introduction: How to Easily Make a Paracord Cobra Bracelet.

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In this instructable, I show you how to make a standard cobra (solomon) bracelet using one of our jigs. this video is filled with lots of great tips to make your bracelet stand out. To do this instructable, you'll need the following:

about 10 feet of 550 paracord

a lighter

a pair of scissors, cutting pliers or a knife

a jig

a soft ruler to make a wrist measurement

Just sit back and watch the video and I show you the rest.


Step 1: Watch Video


seamster (author)2016-04-19

Great video and instructions. The jig you used looks excellent!

eXtremePara (author)seamster2016-04-19

thank you for the comment. It is great to hear. The jig is a mini jig I made. You should see my full time jig. :)

seamster (author)eXtremePara2016-04-19

Ooh, that looks awesome. You should write up an instructable on how you made it - I bet people would really dig that! : )

eXtremePara (author)seamster2016-04-22

I have the blueprints of the original jig on the 3D warehouse. Doing an instructable would be something though. It's a very involved jig to make. It takes a bunch of custom jigs to make all the parts for it. :)

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