Recently,my boss has given me a task to find the best way to monitor employees to make sure that they don’t spend time watching videos or walking around instead of doing their job. I’ve come across a very effective and user-friendly program called Hubstaff. It is so handy that I can’t but share my positive experience of using it. No matter whether you are an international outsourcing company or a small online contractor, using Hubstaff is a great way to monitor the effectiveness of distant employees.This article is a quick guide for potential users. Information has been taken form http://blog.hubstaff.com/

Step 1: Step 1: Start With Your Organizations

The most important aspects of Hubstaff are organizations. They are designed to effectively manage an array of projects, access levels and tasks.

For instance, let’s imagine that there are 3 different clients in your virtual team you have to manage. In this case, the most suitable solution is to use Hubstaff and create three organizations within it.

• Client A
• Client B
• Client C

There are two steps to start organizations on Hubstaff. Open the ‘Organizations’ tab, choose the ‘New Organization’ box and click on it. See the picture below. 

Come up with a name for your organization. In order to create your organization, you have to start a project and make sure to click save, otherwise the system will not work. At this point you don’t have to spend too much time picking the right name for your project, just go for one that makes sense to you.

After you have set up organizations, it is possible to give your clients access to the files created. However, if you don’t want to grant access to your screenshots, you can use your organizations to manage current projects and tasks.

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