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Introduction: "Unblock" CMD

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Hello there! You're probably here because your network administrator has blocked Command Prompt, one of the most useful tools a windows operating system has to offer. This is a VERRYY simple tutorial, so I wont go in depth with things.

Step 1: Batch File

This is a very short batch file to enter in notepad. Simply open notepad and type "start cmd" without quotes. Now click File, Save as, rename it to something such as "file.bat" Make sure you add .bat to the end or it won't work. Now click where it says "Text Documents" and change that to "All Files"

Step 2: ENJOY

Simply save, exit, run, and enjoy.

I may also post a batch script with fully customizable font color and background color. ENJOY YOUR SCRIPT!!



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    man, this is no good, when disabled by admin when I try to run this it infinitely opens cmd, which is, as i said, blocked. It states cmd is disabled by admin, press any key to continue...

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    you have to open a new one in the textdoc and then name it file.bat and save the doc.

    then change the doc and add this tekst under it and then close and save

    Use this Code: echo off


    title Command Prompt

    color 7


    set /p input=Command:


    goto command

    Hope this helped

    you could also just use this code to unblock it, it will bypass the firewall and open forcefully

    @echo off

    break off

    title C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe



    set /p cmd=C:\Enter Command:



    goto cmd

    Dude, amazing, i've used title


    command.com before but this much better cause i'll not be running cmd

    i typed in notepad: start powershell and saved so i could use windows powershell