Picture of How to: Easy Halloween Prosthetics
Okay, so halloween is almost here., and you still don't have a costume? well, don't be scared. I'm here to help. (hope i could tho.) 

Here's a roundup of the halloween concoctions I used over the years of transforming myself  and others to be very ugly, most of which I got from a whole series of trying and failing, so you can think of it as, I failed so you guys won't anymore. haha. Don't worry, it's for amateurs, because I am. HA HA! 

NO FACE CASTING NEEDED. or wherever else casting(what?).

So before I start, I'll let you take a glimpse on a few of my works. The rest comes in the ending. ;)
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  • Before you put anything on your skin, make sure that you're not allergic to any of your chosen materials.
    • To make sure your skin is not allergic to any of your weapons of choice, do a skin test. With me, the most sensitive part of my skin is the hairless part of my arm. which kinda  figures why most of my trials happen on that part of my skin, so I know whether it would be okay to have it wherever, especially my face. (1)
    • Many people are allergic to liquid latex, so for your skin test with this material, just dab very little. because latex can really damage your skin if you're allergic. 
  • Make sure it's clean and well moisturized and protected. you can use any moisturizing cream or lotion. Also, it would help to apply petroleum jelly on your skin so your pores are protected from the liquids. don't put too much tho, because your prosthesis will easily fall off. just make sure it's not too....wet? 
  • If you're gonna use liquid latex. Wax your hair off or shave a day before. mainly because taking it off would really hurt terribly if you still have even the littlest of hair on that part of your body. it would actually be like waxing because it will pull some of your hairs off. also wear headband to keep your head hair off anything. latex on hair is a big pain in the ass. 
  • Any of these materials won't hurt when applied to properly prepared skin. If you feel any sort of burning or pricking feeling, you have to STOP. That either means you're allergic or you've not prepared your skin properly. If  you think you've prepared your skin well, then that only means you're sensitive/allergic to those materials and you can't use them. 
  • Check your skin for any kind of wound, acne, or rashes. If you can see some, DO NOT APPLY ANYTHING ON THEM. unless it's very small and you've protected it well. you can use band aid. the type that covers your wound properly and cover it with nose and scar wax. then you can apply on it non toxic pva glue before applying a wee bit of liquid latex to keep it from opening up. if by any chance you can still feel something when you put liquid latex, any itchy or burning feeling. you should just give up on that spot and don't apply anything on it.
  • Make sure you're working on a properly ventilated area
  • Before using liquid latex, shake the bottle and open it for about 5-10 minutes so it would vent out the slight ammonia content. 
  • As much as possible, don't apply liquid latex near your eyes or nose. It smells really bad. even when it has vented out properly. and hurts the eyes. If you don't want to listen to me, make sure you're okay with bad smells. (it will only smell that bad for a few minutes, just until the top coat is dry). And make sure to close your eyes.  
  • Do not wear contact lenses while working on your prosthetic. PLEASE. you can wear it when you're done and your prosthetic has fully cured.
I think that's all you have to watch out for. 
ShaynaB15 days ago

I am going to be making this, but to add that 'skin color' tone, add your shade of powder, or bronzer. :)

How can I test if I am allergic to latex without hurting myself?

Voltar1341 month ago

How expensive is this

chichill (author)  Voltar13428 days ago

well here in manila, there's a shop that I go to where I get things pretty cheap. A whole supply for making halloween prosthetics for me and my nieces and nephews usually costs me just about 20USD

iamuser11 year ago
Holy smokes, the Zombie Apocalypse has begun, call 911 call 911!

Wow... So realistic... Yet so disgusting! Very believable... Great job!
mnmc101 year ago
nice!many thanks! you mentioned body filler is more expensive than epoxy? a can of polituff body filler costs around 120pesos only. almost every hardware stores have them in stock.
chichill (author)  mnmc101 year ago
alright! I'll try. :)
mnmc101 year ago
VERY NICE! saan ka nakakabili ng liquid latex?
chichill (author)  mnmc101 year ago
Joli's, P. Noval. near UST :)
chichill (author)  chichill1 year ago
also, DEOVIR at SM manila 5th floor or Recto